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How to Obtain Support


Geophysical Field Monitoring - Ground Penetrating Radar

Geophysical Field Monitoring - Ground Penetrating Radar

All EPA Program Office and Regional personnel can request technical assistance from the TSC, however, only Superfund related requests are eligible to use the contractor resources available to the TSC. State, local, and contractor personnel working on Superfund issues should request support through their EPA Regional Superfund contacts.

Superfund support is generally provided only for sites on the National Priority List (NPL). Support for non-NPL sites or other monitoring and characterization issues should be discussed with the TSC Director prior to submitting a formal request.

To obtain support contact:

Felicia Barnett (STL)
US EPA, Region 4
61 Forsyth Street, S.W.
Atlanta, GA   30303-8960
(404) 562-8659   phone
(404) 562-8439   fax

Requests must be in writing. An email is acceptable as long as it contains the following information. Forms for requesting support are available below. Alternatively, a request can be made on-line by completing and submitting the following information.

Site Name:
Description of Requested Support:

Material to be Provided by the Requestor:
  (electronic [preferred] or hard copy)
  (may be copied into the box below or sent to the above email address as an attachment)
(quality assurance, technical, models, chain-of-custody, use in legal actions)
(letter report, statistical analysis, raw data, model outputs)


Microsoft Word Request Form (MSWord, 1pp., 43KB)

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