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Regional Science Topic Workshops
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The Office of Science Policy (OSP) in the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Research and Development (ORD) integrates and communicates scientific information generated by or for ORD's laboratories and centers, as well as ORD's expert advice on the use of scientific information. EPA and the scientific community at large use this information to ensure that EPA's decisions and environmental policies are informed by sound science.

EPA functions as both a scientific and regulatory agency in the United States. Research conducted under ORD provides the basis for the formulation of environmental policies and programs. OSP plays a vital role by providing expert advice and evaluation on the use of scientific knowledge and science policy to support sound science in the Agency. OSP accomplishes this mission by leading efforts in science integration, coordination and communication across ORD, and between ORD and the Agency's programs, regions, and external parties.

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The unique role of OSP has resulted in an ORD-wide focus on meeting the needs of ORD's internal and external customers to enhance the use of sound science in the Agency.

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