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Partners in Science: Program Support

Program Support

Program support involves providing information and expert judgement with regard to scientific issues and the application of science policies in Agency regulatory and other program activities.

ORD works with EPA's program and regional offices to provide information and expert judgement when dealing with scientific issues in Agency regulatory activities. This inter-office communication is facilitated by ORD's program support function. The main goal of the program support function is to constructively advise the programs and regions on using the best available scientific information during the development of regulations, policies, and guidance. Teams of ORD scientists identify potentially significant scientific issues and determine the appropriate extent of ORD participation. Each team then addresses the identified issues in its advice to the programs on their use and description of science. Concurrently, program support staff facilitate a trusting and cooperative relationship between ORD and the program and regional offices by promoting effective and reliable communication on various levels. Through these efforts, the program support staff help to ensure that ORD provides timely and value-added input and speaks with one clear voice at the appropriate time in the regulatory review process.

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