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Desert Remedial Action Technologies (D-RAT) Workshop

October 2-4, 2007
Phoenix, AZ

The first U.S Environmental Protection Agency sponsored Desert Remedial Action Technologies Workshop was held at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort Exit EPA in Phoenix, Arizona on October 2-4, 2007. The 2-day workshop was co-sponsored by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. An optional field trip was offered on October 4, 2007.

This was the first EPA-sponsored workshop to focus on remedial technologies being successfully applied in desert environments. The program emphasized field applications and case studies for technologies being applied to dissolved phase volatile organic compounds (VOCs), (specifically tricholoroethene [TCE]), perchlorate, and chromium.

Technical Program Scope
Presentations covered innovative, emerging, and proven technologies to remediate dissolved phase volatile organic compounds (VOCs), perchlorate, and chromium specifically in desert environments. The focus was on in-situ technologies. A schedule of presentations and author biographies are posted on this website.

Poster presentations presented innovative technologies within the technical program scope, and were not limited to successfully applied technologies, but included emerging technologies with desert applications and site characterization methodologies.

Desert Remedial Action Technologies Workshop was a green workshop with no printed materials provided. Abstracts were available on the website prior to the workshop and presentation materials/papers are now available on this website. In keeping with the green theme of the workshop, attendees were asked to bring their own name badge, either from another conference, or a company ID name badge.

All presentations have been posted to this website (under Meeting Documents, below), including the now available Workshop Proceedings. (PDF, 27pp., 3.55MB, about PDF)

Optional Field Trip
As part of the Desert Remedial Action Technologies Workshop, a field trip was offered to the PGA North Superfund Site located in Goodyear, Arizona. The site tour, organized by ARCADIS - the lead contractor for the Site, provided the attendees the opportunity for an inspection of several ex-situ treatment systems and components such as extraction wells, groundwater treatment equipment, soil vapor extraction systems and off gas treatment equipment. In addition, a presentation was given at the location of the proposed location for an in-situ chemical reduction field pilot test utilizing nano-scale zero valent iron. At this test location, a tour of the injection test area was given along with a short technical presentation on the proposed in-situ treatment, as well as the study results. ARCADIS staff familiar with both the in-situ and ex-situ components of the remediation at the Site were present, thus providing for an interactive learning experience for those who attended.

Contacts for Additional Information:
Michael Gill, US EPA Region 9
Phone: 415-972-3054
Email: Gill.Michael@epa.gov

Mary Aycock, US EPA Region 9
Phone: 415-972-3289
Email: Aycock.Mary@epa.gov

Final Agenda

Attendee List

Meeting Documents
Abranovic Presentation (PPT, 21pp., 2.89MB)
Abranovic Abstract & Bio
Bentley Presentation (PPT, 47pp., 5.69MB)
Bentley Abstract
Bentley Bio
Chang Presentation (Mixed Chromium) (PPT, 24pp., 642KB)
Chang Abstract & Bio
Chang Microscale Iron (Poster Abstract)
Dablow Abstract & Bio
DiFilippo Abstract & Bio
Downy Abstract & Bio
Dulaney Bio
Ellis Presentation (PPT, 22pp., 21.2MB)
Ellis Abstract & Bio
Fleming Presentation (PPT, 47pp., 11.2MB)
Fleming Bio
Gao Presentation (PPT, 36pp., 2.09MB)
Gao Abstract & Bio
Jenkins Bio
Johnson/Williams Abstract & Bio
LaPat Presentation (Nanoscale Iron) (PPT, 36pp., 17.2MB)
LaPat-Polasko Abstract & Bio
LaPat Polasko Perchlorate (Poster Abstract)
Lear Bio
Saling Presentation (PPT, 40pp., 8.73MB)
Saling Abstract & Bio
Shaheen and Lear Presentation (PPT, 39pp., 17.4MB)
Shaheen Bio
Smith Abstract & Bio
Storch Presentation (PPT, 37pp., 15.4MB)
Storch Abstract
Storch Bio
Tyler Abstract & Bio
Tyler and Jenkins Presentation (PDF, 4pp., 4.14MB, about PDF)
USACE Abstract
Valdivia Presentation (PPT, 19pp., 4.52MB)
Valdivia Abstract & Bio
Williams Presentation (PDF, 54pp., 6.63MB, about PDF)
Williams Bio

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