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WasteWise Requirements

What's New with WasteWise in 2013?

WasteWise has expanded its focus to encourage sustainable materials management, which promotes a more efficient and sustainable use of resources throughout their life cycle. WasteWise will continue to operate much as it has in the past; however, there will be an emphasis on goal setting and continuous improvement. This means that organizations that joined WasteWise in the past are required to meet revised criteria for continued participation and to match new participant requirements. The requirements for WasteWise partners are now made up of two components: reporting data and setting goals.

Requirements for New Partners

To become an active participant in WasteWise, organizations that joined WasteWise on or after July 1, 2012 must do the following:

In subsequent years, participants will be required to set a self-directed goal for waste diverted, and submit annual data into the SMM data management system by March 31st of each year.

Requirements for Existing Partners

To remain an active participant in WasteWise, organizations that joined WasteWise before July 1, 2012 must do the following each year:

Starting in 2013, annual goals will be a required part of the submission of annual data. The first annual goal will be a target for increased waste diversion tonnage in 2013 above waste diversion reported for 2012. These goals will be submitted along with 2012 annual data by March 31, 2013.

Requirements for Endorsers

Endorsers should advance the mission of WasteWise through recruitment, education, marketing and outreach.

In the future, endorsers will be required to set a self-directed annual goal for endorser activities and report annually on their achievements through the SMM data management system. Endorser goals should include quantitative results against which progress can be measured, such as a target number of recruited partners or number of informative events held.

Endorsers will be notified when additional requirements are instituted.


WasteWise partner goals are a target for increasing the total tonnage of waste diverted from the landfill through waste prevention, recycling, and composting. For example, if the total weight reported under the Waste Prevention and Recycling section were 100 tons and the organization's goal was a five percent increase, it should aim to increase the overall amount of waste it diverts by five tons, for a total of 105 tons of waste diverted the following year. This can be accomplished through expanding waste prevention, recycling, and/or composting activities.

Organizations can submit a single goal for their entire organization, or submit a separate goal for each of their reporting locations. Regardless, a goal must be entered within every reporting location (either the organizational goal or the specific goal for the reporting location). Goals may be entered under "Activity Description/Goals for Upcoming Year" for any material in the Waste Prevention and Recycling section, but you only need to enter one goal for each reporting location.

The language below can be used as a model for formulating a first year or an annual goal.

Partners will remain active as long as they continue to submit annual data and set goals each year.

For any questions or assistance regarding WasteWise requirements, please contact the WasteWise Helpline at (800) EPA-WISE or wastewisehelp@epa.gov

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