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Tip 9: Select Products Made from Recycled Materials

person drinks a soda, throws empty bottle into recycling bin, bin goes to soda company, recycled bottles are made into new ones a capital green letter P with a yellow cats paw printarticipating in a local or regional recycling program is only part of the recycling process. For recycling to succeed, recyclable materials must be processed into new products, and those products must be purchased and used.

yellow cats paw printLook for items in packages and containers made of recycled materials. Many bottles, cans, paper wrappings, bags, cereal boxes, and other cartons and packages are made from recycled materials.

yellow cats paw printUse products with recycled content whenever you can. For instance, many paper, glass, metal, and plastic products contain recovered materials. Some examples are stationery, wrapping paper, computer paper, and many containers. Many of these items are available in grocery, drug, and other retail stores. Mail-order catalogues, stationers, and print shops also may stock these and other recycled items.

yellow cats paw printWhen checking products for recycled content, look for a statement that recycled materials were used and, if possible, choose the item with the largest percentage of recycled content, if known. You can also call directory assistance at 1-800-555-1212 to obtain manufacturers' 800 numbers to find out how much recycled material their products contain.

yellow cats paw printEncourage state and local government agencies, local businesses, and others to purchase recycled products such as paper, re-refined oil, and retread tires. For the federal government, guidelines already exist that mandate the purchase of these and other products.

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