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Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Community Engagement Initiative

Community Engagement Initiative Overview

The EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is designed to enhance OSWER and regional offices’ engagement with local communities and stakeholders to help them meaningfully participate in government decisions on land cleanup, emergency preparedness and response, and the management of hazardous substances and waste. Learn more about CEI.

Public Review Requested

OSWER seeks and encourages feedback from communities, stakeholders, local governments, tribes and states on the CEI and all available documents and outcomes. OSWER is requesting stakeholder feedback on the following documents.

Per Action 5, the following is compilation of community engagement practices as identified by the EPA regions in the Superfund Enforcement process. A summary table is also attached. Please send any comments or ideas for these documents by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 31, 2013 to: sf-enforcement-community-engagement@epa.gov.

Community Engagement Initiative Actions

EPA established 16 Actions under the Community Engagement Initiative. Each action links to a page that contains all materials and an Action update fact sheet that summarizes the progress and schedule. The actions EPA established for the CEI are:

Action 1 Decision-Making Processes and Guidance
EPA posted work plans proposing specific decision-making processes to evaluate and revise.
Action 2 Underground Storage Tank (UST) Programs
OUST developed a new Community Engagement website, including highlight of success stories.
Action 3 Best Community Engagement Practices for RCRA
Action 4 OSWER Regulation and Guidance Development
Action 5 Community Engagement Policies and Activities related to Enforcement
Action 6 CERCLA Enforcement Involving Federal Facilities
EPA has finalized the selection of two pilots: TVA-Kingston, TN (Region 4) and Ft. Ord, CA (Region 9)
Action 7 EPA Technical Assistance Processes
The Technical Assistance Workgroup developed a Draft Recommendations Report for review.
Action 8 Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program
Action 9 Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program
Action 10 Public Health Information on OSWER Projects
Action 11 Risk Communication Processes and Comprehensive Education Program
Action 12 Sampling and Testing Results
Action 13 Delivery of Information
The Delivery of Information Workgroups developed Draft Recommendations Reports for review.
Action 14 Community Engagement Training Program
The Training Workgroup developed a Draft Recommendations Report for review.
Action 15 Measures of Effectiveness and Annual Report
Action 16 Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Program
Visit the updated website to learn more about the Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Program.

CEI Materials

All CEI documents and information are compiled on the CEI Materials page.

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