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Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Action 10 – Collaborate with Federal Agencies to Provide Public Health Information on OSWER Projects

OSWER programs often work at cleanup sites or on issues where other federal agencies are responsible for generating and providing public health information. Communities need to have easy access to clear, useful public health information and understand how it relates to OSWER cleanup actions and policies. OSWER will collaborate with other EPA offices, EPA Regions, and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to:

  • Coordinate with other Agencies to develop tools to support OSWER’s ability to deliver environmental and public health data as related to our programs.
  • Collaborate with ATSDR to create shared guidance on how to describe and communicate health hazards at hazardous waste sites — especially in areas with high background levels of contamination versus areas with high levels of non-naturally occurring contamination.
  • Develop a Risk Communication protocol that supports a "one site, one voice" approach to site cleanups.
  • Discuss building community capacity to provide meaningful input in cleanup and revitalization efforts — especially with environmental justice communities.
  • Facilitate efforts to evaluate and measure the full range of public health impacts through programs in local communities.

For more information about Action 8, please see the CEI Implementation Plan (PDF) (23 pp, 587K, about PDF).


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