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Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Action 14 – Develop an OSWER-Wide/Regional Community Engagement Training Program for EPA OSWER and Regional Employees

OSWER programs will work to develop a training program for all key personnel involved in site activities that will cover, among other things, when, how, and why to engage communities and build trust. The Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI) and Center for Program Analysis (CPA) will be the leads, and will lead a cross-OSWER/Regional workgroup to:

  • Review existing "public/community involvement" training within and outside OSWER.
  • Examine aspects of community engagement that a comprehensive training program should cover including a One Site One Team Project management approach so that team members communicate a consistent message to the public.
  • Develop training component to enable OSWER to work more effectively with tribal communities.
  • Analyze "gaps" in current community engagement training options.
  • Identify resources and key partners to implement a community engagement training program.
  • Update or compile Community Engagement Best Practices.
  • Solicit input from stakeholders on best practices.
  • Develop an OSWER-wide/Regional strategy to ensure appropriate EPA personnel are trained.
  • Design a comprehensive community engagement training program.

For more information about Action 14, please see the CEI Implementation Plan (PDF) (23 pp, 587K, about PDF).


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