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Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Action 15 – Develop Measures on the Effectiveness of Community Engagement Activities and Report Annually on the Community Engagement Initiative

EPA uses a variety of tools to engage communities in Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) programs. EPA will explore various approaches for measuring effective community involvement and specifically evaluate the effectiveness and ability of the approaches and tools used in this plan to increase transparency, collaboration, and meaningful involvement of communities. EPA plans to measure progress implementing this plan as well as assessing the quality or effectiveness of the tools or approaches used in the plan. The Center for Program Analysis (CPA) will be the lead office on this Action and will work closely with other OSWER and EPA Headquarters offices to:

  • Review various approaches used to measure effective community involvement.
  • For each action item, the lead will identify what success would look like and determine how to report that (e.g., an evaluation or a measure).
  • Annually review and report publicly on the progress made on all commitments in this Implementation Plan.
  • Annually review progress and report publicly on the Regional and Headquarters (HQ) community engagement case studies and pilots to determine if a candidate for best practices or "scaling up" for national replication.

For more information about Action 15, please see the CEI Implementation Plan (PDF) (23 pp, 587K, about PDF).


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