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Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Community Engagement Initiative Overview

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All CEI documents and information are compiled on the CEI Materials page.

The EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is designed to enhance OSWER and regional offices’ engagement with local communities and stakeholders (e.g., state and local governments, tribes, academia, private industry, other federal agencies, non-profit organizations) to help them meaningfully participate in government decisions on land cleanup, emergency preparedness and response, and the management of hazardous substances and waste.

The specific actions and activities that EPA committed to under the CEI are described in the OSWER CEI Implementation Plan (PDF) (23 pp, 587K, about PDF). The Plan is a living document that describes the guiding principles, goals and objectives of the Initiative and outlines the schedule and specific deliverables of the Initiative.

OSWER is committed to keeping the public updated on all activities and progress under the CEI. Action Update Fact Sheets showing progress to date have been posted for each Action. These fact sheets are updated on a regular basis.

The CEI is based on the goals and objectives laid out in the OSWER CEI Action Plan (PDF) (6 pp, 36K, about PDF).


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