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Greener Cleanups

Green Remediation Focus

Visit EPA’s Green Remediation Focus Exit EPA Disclaimer on the
CLU-IN website to find:

  • Monthly news announcements
  • Best management practices
  • Site-specific profiles
  • A contracting and administrative toolkit
Operating Industries, Inc. - Waste to Energy

At the Operating Industries, Inc. Landfill Exit EPA Disclaimer Superfund site in Monterey Park, CA, landfill gas is converted to useable energy rather than treated as a waste.

EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) established the Principles for Greener Cleanups as a foundation for improving the decision-making process involved with contaminated site cleanup, in a way that assures protection of human health and the environment and minimizes the environmental "footprint" of cleanup activities. OSWER cleanup programs incorporate the Principles in a manner that remains consistent with governing statutes and regulations and without compromising cleanup objectives, community interests, reasonableness of cleanup timeframes, or protectiveness of cleanup actions.


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