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Greener Cleanups

Methodology to Understand and Reduce the Environmental Footprint

Green Remediation Focus

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EPA developed a methodology to analyze and quantify the environmental footprint of activities often involved in contaminated site cleanup. A project team can use the information gained by application of the methodology to identify best management practices (BMPs) that target large contributions to the footprint at a particular site and help achieve a greener cleanup.

The Agency’s corresponding “Methodology for Understanding and Reducing a Project’s Environmental Footprint” report (PDF) (135 pp, 2MB, About PDF) presents:

  • A total of 21 metrics corresponding to core elements of a greener cleanup, and
  • A seven-step process to quantify the footprint.
Point of Contact
Carlos Pachon
  • by phone at:   703-603-9904
  • by email at:  pachon.carlos@epa.gov

The report addresses:

  • The purpose of the methodology, the value of footprint analysis, and the associated level of effort and cost
  • Considerations for evaluating and using the analytical results, and
  • Illustrative approaches to reduce the footprint through various BMPs.

Appendices of the report provide:

  • Seventeen exhibits containing planning checklists and reference tables on aspects such as common conversion factors, typical contents of materials frequently used for cleanup, and typical energy demands of equipment deployed in the field
  • A series of spreadsheets illustrating potential formats for organizing the raw data and quantified estimates and for presenting overall results of analysis, and
  • Footprint reduction scenarios illustrating use of the methodology.

Technical assistance to project managers or planners applying the methodology is available from EPA’s Engineering Forum Greener Cleanup Subcommittee.

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