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Integrated Cleanup Initiative

Integrated Cleanup Initiative Draft Implementation Plan

The completed Integrated Cleanup Initiative Draft Implementation Plan (PDF) (17 pp, 813K, About PDF) is now available.

You can also learn more about actions associated with the ICI.

Information about site-specific cleanups can be found using EPA’s Cleanups in My Community database.

Beginning in fiscal year 2010, EPA has initiated a three-year strategy, called the Integrated Cleanup Initiative, to identify and implement improvements to the Agency's land cleanup programs. The Initiative will identify and implement opportunities to integrate and leverage the Agency’s land cleanup authorities to accelerate cleanups, address a greater number of contaminated sites, and put these sites back into productive use while protecting human health and the environment. The Initiative will seek to provide affected communities with the transparency of information they need to understand the progress of cleanup activities at local sites and to hold those responsible for cleanup accountable. EPA will be working closely with state and tribal partners and affected local partners as the Initiative is further developed.

The challenges to the nation’s land cleanup programs have changed since they began in the 1980s. Communities today are not only focused on getting sites cleaned up, but also want to have an active role in putting sites back to productive use. Communities today want to better understand and engage with EPA on cleanup decisions; they want greater transparency and accountability in the cleanup of sites that affect their lives. Communities are also interested in a range of contaminated sites, including Superfund, brownfields, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective action, federal facility and underground storage tank sites. Large, complex sites demand a much larger portion of EPA's Superfund resources today than was the case in earlier years. Some large, complex sites take decades to cleanup.

To better serve communities, the Integrated Cleanup Initiative will seek to identify and implement strategic changes to the land cleanup process, which will allow EPA to accelerate cleanups and provide more information to communities about cleanup progress. As one of the first steps in the Initiative, starting in FY 2011, EPA will begin reporting on a new measure of Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) site cleanup progress, called "remedial action project completions." Remedial action projects represent discrete actions taken to implement a site cleanup. They are defined to address discrete problems, such as specific media (e.g., ground water contamination), areas of a site (e.g., discrete areas of contamination, building demolition), or particular technologies (e.g., soil vapor extraction). While EPA will continue to report on the completion of site-wide cleanup construction, the remedial action project completion measure will provide communities with a valuable new tool to evaluate and hold EPA accountable for ongoing progress and risk reduction at Superfund sites. It will also allow EPA to focus and manage the program at a level that more closely aligns with the real work in the field and to hold our selves accountable for this work.

The Integrated Cleanup Initiative is examining opportunities for improvements across all of EPA’s land cleanup programs, including the Superfund, Brownfields, Federal Facilities, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and Underground Storage Tanks programs. In addition, the Initiative will include a focus on enforcement activities that are critical to ensuring that responsible parties are compelled to clean up contaminated sites, thereby preserving Superfund monies to be used to clean up other sites where viable responsible parties do not exist. During FY 2010-FY 2012, EPA is examining a number of opportunities for improvements to our land cleanup programs that support the goals of the Initiative. By examining and identifying opportunities for improvements at all stages of the cleanup process, from assessment through cleanup completion, EPA expects to focus and in some cases accelerate the cleanup process as a whole. The chart below describes some of the opportunities that will result from the Initiative and relates them to stages in the cleanup process.

Starting Cleanups

Arrow pointing to the next cleanup phase
Line demonstrating that outcomes and benefits are spread throughout all three phases of the Initiative

  • Evaluate performance metrics
  • Evaluate Increasing the annual number of Superfund site assessments
  • Advance the assessment needs of sites on the Federal Facilities Waste Docket
  • Enhance ability to search and identify potentially responsible parties
  • Improve site assessment process
  • Evaluate Superfund National Priorities listing

Advancing Cleanups

Arrow pointing to the next cleanup phase
Line demonstrating that outcomes and benefits are spread throughout all three phases of the Initiative

  • Evaluate performance metrics
  • Provide public reports on EPA cleanup progress
  • Evaluate leveraging Superfund removal and Brownfield authorities to advance cleanup and reuse
  • Improve efficiency of administrative and contracting processes
  • Evaluate strategy to hold potentially responsible parties accountable
  • Evaluate strategy to increase enforcement at removal sites
  • Evaluate leveraging more brownfields site assessments into cleanup and reuse
  • Partner with states, territories and tribes to address the backlog of underground storage tank sites
  • Evaluate and streamline as appropriate Superfund remedial boards and panels

Completing Cleanups

Arrow pointing to the next cleanup phase
Line demonstrating that outcomes and benefits are spread throughout all three phases of the Initiative

  • Evaluate performance metrics
  • Report reuse and revitalization benefits from land cleanup programs
  • Improve cleanup program coordination with other federal agencies
  • Link cleanup and revitalization efforts for contaminated sites, including petroleum brownfields

EPA will implement improvements identified through this Initiative and will make results from the Initiative publicly available. EPA expects to make an implementation plan for the Initiative publicly available for comment within a few months. EPA will also continue to provide updates as we proceed with the Initiative and will seek the public's input and feedback. EPA will report on progress in meeting the goals of this Initiative of accelerating the cleanup process, while providing communities with greater transparency and accountability on site cleanup progress.

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