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Area-Wide Pilot Projects

There are several examples of large scale, area wide contamination problems that are successfully managed in coordinated, cross-program ways (link). EPA will continue to recognize and build on these successful management approaches and will encourage waste cleanup programs to look for additional opportunities to apply them.


EPA will work through its regional offices to identify difficult, challenging area-wide problems that can be addressed using a coordinated, multi-program approach. Partners and plans will be identified to develop and demonstrate cross-program coordination and consistency in addressing the area-wide contamination problem. These pilot projects will coordinate the cleanup of several sites in a geographic area, involving different statutory/regulatory authorities. The pilots can be designed to:

Pilot Selection and Evaluation:

Each EPA region will be asked to collaborate with "willing" state/tribal/local/federal partners to propose one or two area-wide pilots.

An EPA / state / tribal / local / federal review team will evaluate proposals and results of pilot projects.

Selected pilot projects will be promoted widely and posted on this web site. Results will be studied, discussed in regional/national meetings, and considered in future planning. All cleanup programs will be encouraged to participate.

Each OSWER office will designate a contact/representative for each selected pilot.

Other OCP activities, like the Groundwater Cleanup Task Force, will coordinate with the pilot projects.


Pilot project teams will provide annual status reports and a final report of activity and results. Teams will also be invited to present findings at regional/national meetings.

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