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Initiative II
Clear and Useful Information About Cleanups

EPA will work with states, tribes, and local communities to develop an integrated network of systems that provides clear and useful information about the cleanup of contaminated sites. This network of systems will clearly identify the agencies involved, the strategy for cleanup, and those responsible for safeguarding institutional controls and providing long term monitoring and maintenance at contaminated sites.

"Sites in My Community" information network/linked systems (A web link with additional details will be provided soon.)

EPA will develop - and encourage states, tribes and local governments to develop - compatible and linkable systems that contain information about cleanups at contaminated sites. The goal is to create a network of linked systems that can be easily accessed and that includes:

EPA will begin this effort through pilot projects with states that are developing these kinds of systems and link to them through such tools as EPA's Window to My Environment.

Institutional controls tracking network/linked systems

EPA will lead a national effort to develop linkages between systems for tracking institutional controls, a critical component for ensuring the long term protectiveness and safety of cleanups.

EPA will work with local governments, states and regions to pilot and expand existing efforts to develop comprehensive and dependable tracking systems. EPA will lead this effort with the goal of achieving a network of linked tracking systems that can confidently be used to track institutional controls and requirements for long term cleanups.

Waste sites technologies information system

EPA will build on existing systems and efforts to speed up and broaden the transfer of scientific and technological information about contaminated sites and cleanups. EPA will include information that allows users to more effectively understand, anticipate and influence emerging science, technology, and policy issues.

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