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OSWER Life Cycle Management Guidance

Although this guidance was issued in 1989, it has been called the "best system life cycle guidance ever issued by EPA". Chapters 1-9 cover each stage in the life cycle of a system including outlines of each document that should be produced along the way. Complete outlines for each life cycle document can be found in Appendix B. The practice papers provide in-depth guidance on cross-cutting issues.

The guidance can be tailored to accommodate systems of varying sizes. The guidance does need to be updated to include concepts adopted over the past few years including Clinger-Cohen. In the interest of posting this document as soon as it was available electronically, some of the pages are still oriented sideways, but these will be adjusted shortly.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Introduction, Overview, Key Principles and Table of Contents (PDF) (28pp, 1.47MB)
Chapter 1 - Initiation Phase (PDF) (16pp, 654K)
Chapter 2 - Concept Phase (PDF) (29pp, 654K)
Chapter 3 - Definition Phase (PDF) (30pp, 1.23MB)
Chapter 4 - Design Phase (PDF) (31pp, 1.31MB)
Chapter 5 - Development Phase (PDF) (33pp, 1.41MB)
Chapter 6 - Implementation Phase (PDF) (28pp, 1.14MB)
Chapter 7 - Production Phase (PDF) (16pp, 679K)
Chapter 8 - Evaluation Phase (PDF) (14pp, 604K)
Chapter 9 - Archive Phase (PDF) (17pp, 698K)
Chapter 10 - Cross-cutting Considerations (PDF) (17pp, 1.15MB)
Appendix A - Glossary (PDF) (12pp, 689K)
Appendix B - Products (outlines of all documents) (PDF) (60pp, 2.05MB)
Practice Papers (Cover Page) (PDF) (2pp, 54K)
Project Management Plan (41pp, 2.29MB)
Project Participation and Coordination (PDF) (19pp, 1.06MB)
System Life Cycle Reviews and Approvals (PDF) (12pp, 615K)
Configuration Management (PDF) (19pp, 1.08MB)
Application Security Management During the System Life Cycle (PDF) (92pp, 4.82MB)
Data Management During the System Life Cycle (PDF) (54pp, 3.07KB)
Data Modeling (PDF) (112pp, 6.42MB)
Expert Systems (PDF) (147pp, 8.16MB)
Benefit-Cost Analysis (PDF) (60pp, 3.27MB)
Benefit-Cost Analysis Appendices (PDF) (65pp, 3.12MB)
Cover Page, Directive Memos, Table of Contents (PDF) (10pp, 371K)

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