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Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment

Guidance for Data Useability in Risk Assessment (Part A)

Guidance for Data Useability in Risk Assessment, Part A, is designed to provide data users with a nationally consistent basis for making decisions about the minimum quality and quantity of environmental analytical data that are sufficient to support Superfund risk assessment decisions, regardless of which parties conduct the investigation. Part B of this guidance addresses radioanalytical issues.

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Entire Part A (PDF) (292pp, 10.5MB)

Section Pages Size
Contents/Preface 14 pages 418K
Chapter 1:
Introduction and Background
6 pages 249K
Chapter 2:
The Risk Assessment Process
18 pages 779K
Chapter 3:
Useability Criteria for Baseline Risk Assessments
Sections 3 -- 3.2.2
Sections 3.2.3 -- 3.2.10
19 pages
19 pages
Chapter 4:
Steps for Planning for the Acquisition of Useable Environmental Data in Baseline Risk Assessments
Sections 4 -- 4.1.3
Sections 4.1.4 -- 4.3
14 pages
17 pages
Chapter 5:
Assessments of Environmental Data for Useability in Baseline Risk Assessments
22 pages 914K
Chapter 6:
Application of Data to Risk Assessments
6 pages 274K
Appendix I:
Description of Organics and Inorganics Data Review Packages
30 pages 780K
Appendix II:
Listing of Common Pollutants Generated by Seven Industries
14 pages 291K
Appendix III:
Listing of Analytes, Methods, and Detection or Quantitation Limits for Pollutants of Concern to Risk Assessment
Pages 167 -- 188
Pages 189 -- 211
Pages 212 -- 234
22 pages
23 pages
23 pages
Appendix IV:
Calculation Formulas for Statistical Evaluation
4 pages 118K
Appendix V:
"J" Data Qualifier Source and Meaning
6 pages 119K
Appendix VI:
"R" Data Qualifier Sources and Meaning
4 pages 79K
Appendix VII:
Summary of Common Laboratory Contaminants, Concentration Requirements, and Risk Assessment Implications
4 pages 77K
Appendix VIII:
CLP Analytical Methods Short Sheets and TCL Compounds
10 pages 277K
Appendix IX:
Example Diagram for a Conceptual Model for Risk Assessment
2 pages 25K
Glossary/Index 15 pages 527K

Disclaimer: These electronic files contain the text of a policy issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These files have been reformatted to make them available to you in electronic form. Formatting (margins, page numbering, etc.) may be different than the original hard copy to make the document more easily readable on your computer screen. These electronic files are a courtesy copy of the official policy. If any discrepancies are found, the file copy (hard copy original) which resides at the U.S. EPA provides the official policy.

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