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Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment

ECO Update Bulletin Series

ECO Update is a bulletin series on ecological risk assessment of Superfund sites. These bulletins serve as supplements to Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund, Volume II: Environmental Evaluation Manual (EPA/540-1-89/001). The information presented is intended to provide technical information to EPA and other government employees. It does not constitute rulemaking by the Agency, and may not be relied on to create a substantive or procedural right enforceable by any other person. The Government may take action that is at variance with these bulletins.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Issue Pages Size
The Role of BTAGS in Ecological Assessment (1991) (PDF)
[Volume 1, Number 1]
4 pages 365K

Ecological Assessment of Superfund Sites: An Overview (1991) (PDF)
[Volume 1, Number 2]

8 pages 68K
The Role Of Natural Resource Trustees In The Superfund Process (1992) (PDF)
[Volume 1, Number 3]
10 pages 191K
Developing A Work Scope For Ecological Assessments (1992) (PDF)
[Volume 1, Number 4]
13 pages 101K
Briefing the BTAG: Initial Description of Setting, History, and Ecology of a Site (1992) (PDF)
[Volume 1, Number 5]
11 pages 290K
Using Toxicity Tests in Ecological Risk Assessment (1994) (PDF)
[Volume 2, Number 1]
12 pages 456K
Catalogue of Standard Toxicity Tests for Ecological Risk Assessment (1994) (PDF)
[Volume 2, Number 2]
4 pages 42K
Field Studies for Ecological Risk Assessment (1994) (PDF)
[Volume 2, Number 3]
14 pages 131K
Selecting and Using Reference Information in Superfund Ecological Risk Assessments (1994) (PDF)
[Volume 2, Number 4]
6 pages 2,693K
Ecological Significance and Selection of Candidate Assessment Endpoints (1996) (PDF)
[Volume 3, Number 1]
5 pages 50K
Ecotox Thresholds (1996) (PDF)
[Volume 3, Number 2]
12 pages 175KB
The Role of Screening-Level Risk Assessments and Refining Contaminants of Concern in Baseline Ecological Risk Assessments (2001) (PDF)
[Intermittent Bulletin]
8 pages 666K
ECO Update/ Ground Water Forum Issue Paper (2008) (PDF)
30 pages 1.1MB

Disclaimer: These electronic files are courtesy copies of the ECO Update bulletin series and have been reformatted to make them available to you in electronic form. Formatting (margins, page numbering, etc.) may be different from the original hard copies to make the documents more easily readable on your computer screen. If any discrepancies with the original hard copies are found, the original hard copies are the official bulletins.

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