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Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS) Part A

RAGS Part A provides guidance on the human health evaluation activities that are conducted during the baseline risk assessment--the first step of the RI/FS. The baseline risk assessment is an analysis of the potential adverse health effects (current or future) caused by hazardous substance releases from a site in the absence of any actions to control or mitigate these releases (i.e., under an assumption of no action). The baseline risk assessment contributes to the site characterization and subsequent development, evaluation, and selection of appropriate response alternatives. The results of the baseline risk assessment are used to help determine whether additional response action is necessary at the site, modify preliminary remediation goals, help support selection of the "no- action" remedial alternative, where appropriate, and document the magnitude of risk at a site, and the primary causes of that risk.

Baseline risk assessments are site-specific and therefore may vary in both detail and the extent to which qualitative and quantitative analyses are used, depending on the complexity and particular circumstances of the site, as well as the availability of applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements (ARARs) and other criteria, advisories, and guidance. After an initial planning stage, there are four steps in the baseline risk assessment process: data collection and analysis; exposure assessment; toxicity assessment; and risk characterization.

Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund Volume I Human Health Evaluation Manual (Part A) (PDF) (291 pp, 6.33 MB)

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