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Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS): Part D

Volume I - Human Health Evaluation Manual (Part D, Standardized Planning, Reporting and Review of Superfund Risk Assessments) Final December 2001


RAGS D Update

As of June 10, 2002, Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS): Volume I - Human Health Evaluation Manual (Part D, Standardized Planning, Reporting and Review of Superfund Risk Assessments) Final December 2001, will supersede an interim version published in1998 and is effective immediately for all new Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) risk assessments.


The March 21, 1995 memorandum on Risk Characterization Policy Guidance from EPA Administrator Carol Browner directed improvement in the transparency, clarity, consistency, and reasonableness of risk assessments at EPA. Over the years, we have looked for opportunities for improving the presentation of Superfund risk assessments. In addition, the General Accounting Office (GAO), members of Congress, and others have called for the betterment of Superfund risk assessments. The October 1995 Superfund Administrative Reform #6A directed EPA to establish National criteria to plan, report and review Superfund risk assessments. EPA has developed an approach to respond to these challenges, which is presented in RAGS Part D.

An Agency workgroup of regional and headquarters risk assessors (the RAGS Part D Workgroup) has been active since the second quarter of FY 96 developing Planning Tools and other approaches to support standardization of risk assessments. Preliminary draft Planning Tools developed by the Workgroup in 1996 were tested and subjected to regional and state review in the fourth quarter of FY 96. Additional development and testing were performed by the Workgroup in FY 97, and a second regional review occurred in fourth quarter FY 97. Training on the use of RAGS Part D was conducted during FY 98. The Workgroup coordinated extensively with the development team for the National Superfund Database (CERCLIS 3) during FY 97, concurrent with CERCLIS 3 development and testing efforts. RAGS Part D Revision 0 was released in January 1998 as interim guidance and underwent field testing and evaluation for a 3 -year period. During FY 01 the Workgroup worked extensively to address all comments and concerns raised during field testing and evaluation of RAGS Part D Revision 0. This final guidance considers the comments received from users of RAGS Part D Revision 0 and provides recommended Planning Table and format changes as appropriate. The Planning Tools in RAGS Part D ( Planning Tables, Instructions for the Planning Tables, Planning Worksheets, and Example Scenarios) reflect the results of continued development, testing, and are now available for immediate use.

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Regional Representatives

The following people are members of the RAGS Part D Workgroup, and have been identified as EPA contacts for RAGS Part D:

Office RAGS Part D Contact Phone Number
Region I Margaret McDonough (mcdonough.margaret@epa.gov) (617) 918-1276
Region II Marian Olsen (olsen.marian@epa.gov) (212) 637-4313
Region III Jennifer Hubbard (hubbard.jennifer@epa.gov) (215) 814-3328
Region IV Glenn Adams (adams.glenn@epa.gov) (404) 562-8771
Region V Andrew Podowski (podowski.andrew@epa.gov) (312) 886-7573
Region VI Ghassan Khoury (khoury.ghassan@epa.gov) (214) 665-8515
RegionVII no current contact  
Region VIII Jim Luey (luey.jim@epa.gov) (303) 312-6791
Region IX Stan Smucker (smucker.stan@epa.gov) (415) 744-2311
Region X no current contact  
EPA Headquarters Michele Burgess (burgess.michele@epa.gov) (202) 564-8006


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