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Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment

Tools for Human Health Risk Assessment

Click on the bulleted items below to access guidance, policy, and technical tools for Superfund human health risk assessment. Both general tools and tools specific to the major steps of the risk assessment process are included, and most of the resources referenced can be downloaded.

General Guidance/Policy

Planning, Scoping, Problem Formulation

  • RAGS Part D, Chapter 2 (2001) (PDF) (4 pp, 21K,  About PDF)
    Chapter 2 of RAGS Part D describes the role risk assessors should play during the scoping phase of a Superfund project. This information should also guide the planning, scoping, and problem formulation phase of the risk assessment itself.
  • Soil Screening Guidance (1996)
    EPA developed Soil Screening Guidance as a risk-based tool to expedite the evaluation of contaminated soils at sites addressed under Superfund. The guidance is intended to help determine whether on-site soil contamination exists at levels sufficient to warrant further evaluation of the risks these contaminants may pose. Use of the Soil Screening Guidance may significantly reduce the time it takes to complete soil investigations and cleanup actions at some sites, as well as improve the consistency of these actions across the nation.

    Fact Sheet
    User's Guide
    Technical Background Document
    Soil Screening Calculations

  • Johnson and Ettinger (1991) Model for Subsurface Vapor Intrusion into Buildings

Exposure Assessment

Hazard Identification and Dose-Response Assessment

Risk Characterization

Risk Management

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