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Greening Tribal Casinos

Materials Reuse

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Case Study

The Chumash Casino Resort, in California, has created a number of programs designed to reduce and reuse items which are no longer needed. The Chumash Casino Resort recycles uniforms and donates furniture to tribal community members, local charities, and businesses. Sectional carpeting with recycled content is installed on the casino floor to minimize carpet purchase and disposal. Replaced sections are either re-used or recycled by a local trash contractor. Paper towel dispensers are being systematically replaced with Dyson Air Blade hand dryers which, according to an EPA assessment conducted on the facility in 2008, will save $109,000 annually (for a 0.45 year payback) by reducing paper towel replacement, maintenance, and cleaning costs. Switching to in-house furniture upholstering allows the tribe to reuse most casino chairs, minimizing chair replacement costs and reducing waste. Disposable dishware and silverware are no longer used, also decreasing costs and waste. See Chumash Casino - Case Study: Tribal casino P2 (PDF) (5 pp, 396K, About PDF).

EPA recommends four steps for effectively managing materials. You’ve probably heard the phrase "reduce, reuse, and recycle" to encourage reduction of waste by making smart decisions when purchasing products, including the consideration of product packaging; the reuse of containers and products, the recycling of materials ranging from paper to food scraps, yard trimmings, and electronics, and finally, the purchase products manufactured with recycled content.

There are many ways your casino can reuse materials that would otherwise get thrown away or destroyed. By reusing materials you can save money and make the most from your purchases.

For facilities planning to remodel, there are opportunities to deconstruct the building so that the materials may be recycled or reused. Throughout North America, hundreds of used building material stores sell materials for construction and renovation projects. Materials (such as used lumber and bricks) and other items (such as doors and windows) are salvaged mostly from remodeling projects, pre-demolition salvage, and the growing practice of deconstruction the selective disassembly of buildings to reuse and recycle parts. See EPA’s Deconstruction and Reuse web page for more information.

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