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What's New in Risk Management Plan (RMP) Reporting for 2009?

April 2008
  • You will submit RMPs online via EPA’s secure website which manages thousands of data submissions from states and industry.
  • You will use RMP*eSubmit, which will be available in early 2009.
  • Online reporting simplifies the process. It saves you time, and improves data quality and security.
  • EPA uses industry-standard technology, including encryption used by most commercial banks, as well as stringent user ID and password protocols to protect your information.
  • You will be able to access your RMP online at anytime.
  • In June 2009, we estimate that approximately 8,000 RMP facilities are due for the five-year update of their Risk Management Plans.

How Can I Access RMP*eSubmit?

  • If you have submitted an RMP previously, you will receive a letter from EPA with directions regarding how to resubmit your RMP online. You do not need to contact the EPA RMP Reporting Center at this time.
  • If you are submitting an RMP for the first time, you will find instructions on www.epa.gov/emergencies.

How Do I Know When I Need To Resubmit My RMP?

  • RMPs must be fully updated and resubmitted at least every five years. Under certain circumstances, RMPs must be updated and resubmitted before their five-year anniversary (see 40 CFR §68.190(b)).
  • Your five-year anniversary date is listed in our notification letter which was sent to you after you submitted your last RMP.

Are There Any Other Requirements Besides Resubmitting My RMP?

  • In addition to updating your facility’s RMP at least every five years or when other specified update circumstances occur, the rule also requires you to perform other recurring activities to ensure that your risk management program is current. These activities include, among other things, providing employee refresher training, performing compliance audits, and updating your safety information, hazard review (or process hazards analysis), operating procedures, and offsite consequence analysis.

Where Do I Go For More Information?

Download this fact sheet in PDF format for printing: What's New in Risk Management Plan (RMP) Reporting for 2009? (PDF) (1 pp, 30K, About PDF)

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