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Detroit Diesel Corporation Recalls Turbochargers and Diesel Particulate Filters on Some Urban Bus Engines

This web page provides information on the recall of some urban bus engines by Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) to replace failed turbochargers and diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Models/Engines Affected:

2001 through 2004 model year DDC Series 50, 8.5 liter, diesel-fueled, 275 and 330 horsepower (hp), urban bus engines

Number of Vehicles:

257 2001 and 2002 model year, Series 50, 8.5liter, 330 hp engines will receive turbocharger replacements.

584 2003 and 2004 model year, Series 50, 8.5liter, 330 hp engines will receive improved diesel particulate filter replacement and turbocharger replacements.

409 2003 and 2004 model year, Series 50, 8.5liter, 275 hp engines will have improved particulate filters installed

A total of 1,250 urban bus engines are affected.

California Vehicles:

Models built to California emission standards will be handled separately by California Air Resources Board, owners notified near the same time.

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Description of Problem:

The compressor wheel and turbine wheel of the turbocharger experience fatigue failures which cause poor or non operation of the engine and bus.

The diesel particulate filters (DPFs) fail to regenerate and plug with particulate matter, thus requiring frequent cleaning to remove the accumulated soot.

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The turbochargers will be replaced with the most current, improved version.

The DPFs will be replaced with a new particulate filter designed to minimize soot accumulation associated with these bus applications.

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Owner Notification:

Notification of affected bus owners or transit fleet operators by DDC is expected to begin mid-November 2005.

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Information for Owners

The recall repairs will be performed free of charge. Upon receipt of a notification letter and the directions for scheduling repair therein, owners should schedule an appointment with their DDC representative.

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Further Information

Owners who require further information on this recall may contact the manufacturer at (313) 592-5791 or their local Detroit Diesel representative, or EPA at: Compliance and Innovative Strategies Division (6405J), 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20460.

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Recall Program Background

Vehicle and engine manufacturers are required to design and build their vehicles and engines to meet emission standards for the useful life of the vehicle as specified by law. Under Section 207 of the Clean Air Act, if EPA determines that a substantial number of vehicles in a class or category do not meet emission standards in actual use even though they are properly maintained and used, EPA can require the manufacturer to recall and fix the affected vehicles.

If EPA formally notifies and requires the manufacturer to conduct a recall this is termed an "ordered recall." A second and most common type of recall are "voluntary recalls" and are initiated voluntarily by manufacturers once a potential noncompliance is discovered. The third type of recall are "influenced recalls" that are voluntary recalls which are directly influenced via EPA in discussions with manufacturers. DDC's action is an influenced recall.

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