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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Renewable Fuels: Compliance Tools

RFS Report Checker & RIN Inventory

In an effort to reduce the number of resubmittals EPA receives for RFS reports, we have created two tools. The first tool, RFS Report Checker, will help a reporting party identify and fix common reporting errors prior to submission. The second tool, RIN Inventory, will help keep track of your quarterly purchases, sales and retirements to prepare for the RFS0100 report.

Note that both tools contain macros. If you are uncomfortable using macros or your company has a policy against opening files that contain macros, then do not use these tools.

RFS Report Checker (XLS) (202K)

The Report Checker is an Excel utility that scans report data for common formatting errors, and if errors are found, turns the data red and the report yellow alerting the user of problems. The Report Checker also provides helpful error messages in each errant cell. The Report Checker is easy to use; simply copy and paste report data into the utility, and press the "Run Report Checker" button. Instructions for The Report Checker are included in the attached file.

While the Report Checker was created to help identify common reporting errors, its use in no way guarantees that reports will not have to be resubmitted; nor does its use protect against violations. The Report Checker is limited in its ability. It does not search for duplicate RINs, calculate total RINs in the RFS0200 transaction report, or cross reference the totals with RFS0100 gallon-RIN activity report.

A few Dos and Don'ts:

  • Do not submit the Report Checker with report data to EPA. Copy corrected data back into a separate spreadsheet for submittal.
  • Do submit all reports in same spreadsheet (on a single tab), or text file. This means the RFS0100 and RFS0200 reports may be combined in the same file/worksheet.
  • Do not, if using a spreadsheet to submit reports, put the reports in separate tabs; only use one tab.
  • Do sign-up for CDX to submit reports on-line rather than through the mail. Follow the instructions on: http://epa.gov/otaq/regs/fuels/fuelsregistration.htm

RIN Inventory (XLS) (214K)

The second tool that will assist in reducing the number of resubmittals is the RIN Inventory. The RIN Inventory will help keep track of your quarterly purchases, sales and retirements to prepare for the RFS0100 report. Instructions are included in the file.

If you have questions or request information, please contact the appropriate support or help line found on the Support & Help page.

Please visit EPA's Transportation and Air Quality web-based repository of mobile source documents, Document Index System (DIS). This searchable repository contains regulations, Federal Register notices, policy letters, and guidance documents.

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