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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Fuel Pathway Petitions: Under EPA Review

Compliance Reporting

On the RFS reporting page there are forms and instructions for reporting.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Pending Pathway Assessments

The following pathway requests have been received and are under review:*

Company Fuel Feedstock Process
Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands Ethanol Grain Sorghum New (proprietary)
Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. Biodiesel, renewable diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, naphtha, LPG New (Brassica carinata oil) Transesterification, Hydrotreating
Arvens Technology, Inc. Biodiesel New (pennycress) Transesterification
Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC, and Bonanza Bioenergy, LLC Ethanol New (grain sorghum) New (proprietary)
Emerald Biofuels LLC, Global Clean Energy Holdings, and UOP LLC Renewable diesel, jet fuel, and naphtha

New (jatropha)
Emerald Biofuels LLC and Global Clean Energy Holdings Biodiesel Transesterification
Gevo Isobutanol Corn New (proprietary)
Golden Renewable Energy, LLC Renewable diesel New (municipal sewage sludge),
Biogenic waste oils/fats/greases
New (proprietary)
Granite Falls Energy Ethanol Corn Starch New (proprietary)
Green Vision Group Ethanol New (energy beets) Fermentation
Growing Power Hairy Hill Ethanol New (wheat starch) New (proprietary)
Heartland Corn Products Ethanol Corn Starch New (proprietary)
logen Ethanol New (grain sorghum) New (proprietary)
Montana Advanced Biofuels, LLC Ethanol New (barley, wheat starch residue) Fermentation
National Cottonseed Products Association Biodiesel, renewable diesel New (cottonseed oil) Transesterification
N/A Biodiesel, renewable diesel New (palm oil) Trans-Esterification;
N/A Cellulosic biofuel New (pulp wood) Any
National Sorghum Producers Ethanol New (biomass sorghum) Any
Osage Bio Energy, LLC Ethanol New (barley) Fermentation
Poet Biorefining-Chancellor Ethanol Grain Sorghum New (proprietary)
POP Diesel, Inc. New (un-transesterified plant oil) New (jatropha oil) New (proprietary)
Rothsay Biodiesel New (biodiesel) Biogenic waste oils/fats/greases Transesterification
Sabine Biofuels Biodiesel Various biogenic oils/fats/greases New (proprietary)
Solazyme Biodiesel, renewable diesel, jet fuel Carbohydrate, Algae Transesterification Hydrotreating
Tracy Renewable Energy Ethanol New (Sugar beets) New (proprietary)
Trestle Energy Ethanol, butanol Corn Starch or Grain Sorghum New (proprietary)
Valero Albion Ethanol Corn Starch New (proprietary)
Valero Aurora Ethanol Corn Starch New (proprietary)
WM GTL, Inc. Cellulosic Diesel New (landfill biogas) Any

* This table includes abbreviated descriptions of fuel pathways. Please click the link for the applicable proposal (or notice) for a full description of the pathway under review.

Please note: Only complete petitions submitted in accordance with the requirements of 40 CFR 80.1416 of the RFS regulations are included on this list, which will be updated on a regular basis, but is only current as of the date at the bottom of this page.
Completed pathway assessments will be removed from this list and posted on the Approved pathways or Other determinations pages

If you have questions or request information, please contact the appropriate support or help line found on the Support & Help page.

Please visit EPA's Transportation and Air Quality web-based repository of mobile source documents, Document Index System (DIS). This searchable repository contains regulations, Federal Register notices, policy letters, and guidance documents.

Please visit our Related Links page for other fuel related information within EPA, other U.S. Agencies, and other fuel related websites.

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