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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Fuel Pathway Petitions: Overview


Please send your questions about feedstocks for the production of biofuels to support@epamts-support.com

Compliance Reporting


We are initiating activities to improve the petition process for new fuel pathways, see this fact sheet for more details:

For the final Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) rule, EPA assessed the lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of multiple renewable fuel pathways. Assessment of lifecycle GHG emissions is necessary to determine which fuel pathways meet the GHG reduction thresholds under RFS2 for the four required renewable fuel categories. Classifications of approved fuel pathways are specified in Table 1 to § 80.1426(f) of the RFS2 regulations.

Within the table, three critical components of a fuel pathway are listed: (1) fuel type, (2) feedstock, and (3) production process. Each specific combination of the three components, or fuel pathway, is assigned a RIN D code designating the renewable fuel category (renewable fuel, biomass-based diesel, advanced biofuel, cellulosic biofuel) for which it qualifies. For example, biodiesel is assigned a RIN D Code of 4, which qualifies the fuel for compliance with the biomass-based diesel category.

In addition, EPA recognized during the rulemaking that there were new pathways requiring assessment in the future. Therefore, we provided § 80.1416 in the RFS2 regulations, "Petition process for evaluation of new renewable fuels pathways." This mechanism allows parties to request that EPA conduct a lifecycle GHG assessment for a new fuel pathway and provide a determination of the D code for which the new pathway may be eligible.

In addition to an approved pathway request, fuel producers and importers must meet registration requirements in 80.1450, reporting requirements in 80.1451, and recordkeeping requirements in 80.1454 to participate in the RFS2 program.

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