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NONROAD2005 Model: ReadMe File for Installation

"NONROAD2005" is the overall version designation for the set of modeling files including the core model, default data files, graphical user interface (GUI), and reporting utility, released on December 7, 2005. Since that time there have been a number of update/correction releases including this latest one. The update chronology is listed below.

Complete installation instructions, which must be read and followed carefully for successful model operation, are contained in the file:

Update & Installation Instructions www.epa.gov/otaq/models/nonrdmdl/nonrdmdl2005/nr05inst.htm

Basic instructions for the operation of the NONROAD model are contained in the User's Guide, which has been updated for NONROAD2005. Detailed explanations of the default inputs are contained in the technical reports that are being provided on the NONROAD Model web page along with this version of the model: ww.epa.gov/otaq/nonrdmdl.htm

Policy questions concerning use of the model for emission inventory preparation should be directed to your EPA regional office. For your regional office see: http://www.epa.gov/epahome/regions.htm

Technical modeling questions that arise that are not covered by the above documents may be addressed to the Nonroad Modeling Team by one of the following methods.

NONROAD2005 Update Chronology

Graphic User Interface (GUI) Updates: (nr-gui.exe)

  • Jun 12, 2006, version 2005.1.0
    • Checks any selected filenames to ensure they are not longer than the allowed 8.3 format.
    • Fixes GUI to reset displayed Region (geographic) Options when loading a new OPT file into the GUI using File Open...
    • Many minor fixes and enhancements to the Advanced Options menu:
      • Fixes bug that would strip all deterioration files from the OPT file if the user merely opened the [Advanced options] => [Deterioration] dialog and clicked the Cancel button.
      • Adds a checkbox to request output of By-Model-Year (BMX & BMV) files in the [Optional Output] dialog.
      • Adds optional selection of a Daily temperature/RVP input data file.
      • Adds a Change button to the Activity file selector.
      • Adds all the new Emission Factor and Deterioration files for the parameters added in NONROAD2005 (e.g., hot soak, running loss, permeation, etc.)
      Please see the nrgui05a.txt file for a more complete description of all these changes and their effects.

Reporting Utility Updates: (reports.mdb)

  • Dec 21, 2005, version 2005a
    • Fix Leap Year operation (just treat it like other years).
    • Change Pop/Fuel decimal places from 2 to 0, 1, or 2, depending on aggregation level.
  • Jan 31, 2006, version 2005b
    • Remove limit on number of Import Data records.
  • Mar 21, 2006, version 2005c
    • Fixes the reporting utility Export to Excel function for emission factor reports.
    • Corrects the NIF export label for hydrocarbons from "HC" to "VOC" (since the NONROAD2005 reporting utility has always exported VOC when exporting to NIF, unlike NONROAD2004).
    • Adds CNG fuel volume explanation to Fuel Consumption reports.
    • Adds reporting utility version number to all report page footers.
    Please see the file rpt05c-mdb.txt in the nonroad\Reports\ folder for a more complete description of all these changes and other issues to be aware of when using the reporting utility.

Core Model Updates: (nonroad.exe)

  • Feb 8, 2006 (version 2005a)
    A problem was corrected in the core model (NONROAD.EXE file only) with the calculation of evaporative Diurnal, Tank Permeation, and Hose Permeation emissions for time periods less than annual (i.e., seasonal, monthly, or typical day). Annual model runs did not have the problem. Outputs generated from this corrected version of the core model will say: "Core Model Ver 2005a, Feb 2006" instead of: "Core Model Ver 2005, Nov 2005"
Data File Updates:
  • Jan 13, 2006
    • Corrected geographic allocation files for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (PR_WIB.ALO, VI_WIB.ALO, VI_RVPRK.ALO).
  • Jan 26, 2006
    • Corrected geographic allocation file for Washington D.C. recreational vehicle parks (DC_RVPRK.ALO).
  • Feb 1, 2006
    • Corrected geographic allocation file for West Virginia underground mining equipment (WV_COAL.ALO).

    Email: nonroad@epa.gov,
    Fax:   734-214-4939, or
    US Mail:

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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    Nonroad Modeling Team
    2000 Traverwood Drive
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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