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To develop and implement an environmentally sustainable port strategy that identifies opportunities and finds solutions to help build a more sustainable ports system, one that creates healthy air quality for communities and reduces climate risk while supporting our economy and jobs.


Ports are the main gateway for U.S. trade and are critical to the economies of many cities and regions. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the globalization of trade and the transportation infrastructure needed to support it. As our nation adapts to meet these demands, it is important to consider what this growth means for the environment.

EPA has worked with ports in the past through a number of efforts, including our Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) clean diesel grants program and our SmartWay Drayage Program. Despite gains, our job is not yet done. EPA’s new initiative looks at ports as unique places with complex needs and opportunities.

Through its Ports Initiative, EPA explores effectively partnering with port stakeholders to identify opportunities and find solutions that create more sustainable ports systems by

  • encouraging environmental progress at ports and reducing climate risk;
  • supporting operational and technological improvements to increase efficiency;
  • improving community health and air quality; and
  • encouraging sustainable economic development that supports our economy and jobs.

Awarded Projects

2013 Grant Recipients Press Release

Under the 2013 DERA Ports RFP, EPA awarded $4.2 million in Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grants. The six projects will retrofit or replace diesel engines resulting in immediate emissions reductions of harmful pollutants.

City of Los Angeles Harbor Department – Port of Los Angeles Cargo Handling Equipment Retrofit Project
Location: San Pedro Bay/Los Angeles, CA
Award Amount: $469,000
Project Summary: This project will retrofit 14 pieces of cargo handling equipment with diesel particulate filters at the Port of Los Angeles.
Media News: $469,000 Grant for Equipment Retrofit Aimed at Further Improving L.A. Harbor Air Quality

Maryland Port Administration – Port of Baltimore Drayage Truck Replacement Program
Location: Baltimore & Anne Arundel Counties, MD
Award Amount: $750,000
Project Summary: This project will provide incentives to replace 35 pre-1997 model year drayage trucks in service at the Port of Baltimore with trucks powered by 2010 or newer certified engines.
Media News: Port Awarded Funding to Improve Air Quality (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer

Port of Hueneme – Phase II Shore Power Infrastructure Project
Location: Ventura County, CA
Award Amount: $500,000
Project Summary: This project will complete electrification of Wharf #1 and allow the port to supply shore-side power to ocean going vessels at all three berths simultaneously, thereby reducing emissions from ship idling.
Media News: Port Receives Environmental Protection Agency Grant Exit EPA Disclaimer
Port of Hueneme awarded $500,000 EPA grant for power system Exit EPA Disclaimer

Port of Seattle – Scrappage and Replacements for Air in Puget Sound 2 (ScRAPS 2) Drayage Truck Replacement Project
Location: King County, WA
Award Amount: $1.2 million
Project Summary: This project will provide incentives to replace 40 older heavy-duty drayage trucks with trucks powered by 2010 or newer certified engines. The project will supplement the port’s existing ScRAPS 2 truck replacement program.
Media News: New Drayage Truck Requirements, New Truck Scrapping Program - Coming Soon Exit EPA Disclaimer

Port of Tacoma – Switcher Locomotive Repower
Location: Pierce County, WA
Award Amount: $601,949
Project Summary: This project will repower a Tier 0 switcher locomotive with a Tier 3+ engine equipped with an automatic start-stop system to reduce idling.
Media News: Port receives grant to improve air quality Exit EPA Disclaimer

Virginia Port Authority – Hybrid Shuttle Carrier Demonstration Project
Location: Hampton Roads, VA
Award Amount: $750,000
Project Summary: This project will replace three Tier 1 shuttle carriers with Tier 4 hybrid diesel-electric shuttle carriers in operation at the Port of Virginia.
Media News: Port Using EPA Grant to Purchase Hybrid Equipment Exit EPA Disclaimer

Questions about OTAQ Ports activities may be directed to talkaboutports@epa.gov

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