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Cleaning Up Underground Storage Tank Releases

EPA works with its state, territorial, tribal, and industry partners to clean up releases from underground storage tanks (USTs).  Left unattended, releases can contaminate soil, groundwater, surface water, or indoor air.  EPA is developing and implementing strategies that advance cleaning up stalled or legacy UST releases, as well as recently identified releases.  Cleaning up UST releases protects our environment and the health of Americans.

Cleaning Up UST System Releases - An overview of EPA's program to clean up releases from USTs  

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) Corrective Action Compendium - Web-based technical information and resources about cleaning up UST releases

UST Cleanup Activities

Release Discovery And Confirmation - Information about detecting UST releases early, determining the source of releases, identifying the fuels released, locating imminently threatened receptors, and initiating appropriate responses

Source And Site Characterization - Information about determining location of USTs and transmission piping, what contaminants are present, and where contamination may have moved

Site Assessment - An overview of the site assessment process as well as potential technical and reporting requirements

Corrective Action - An overview of the corrective action process, as well as operation, maintenance, and monitoring requirements that will likely be an integral part of the process

Site Closure - Information about characterizing risk and closure, maintaining and abandoning sampling points, documenting and reporting, and certifying closure

National LUST Backlog Reduction Strategies

The National LUST Cleanup Backlog: A Study Of Opportunities  - An analysis of the cleanup backlog

Petroleum Brownfields - Information and resources on reusing cleaned up petroleum sites

Responsible Party Search Guide For The Underground Storage Tank Program

UST Corrective Action Training

LUST Trust Fund - An overview of the federal LUST Trust Fund

UST Performance Measures - Data from states and territories regarding UST performance measures, such as the number of active and closed tanks, releases reported, cleanups initiated and completed, facilities in compliance with UST requirements, and inspections

Federal UST Regulations - Federal laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to USTs

Additional EPA Resources

EPA Office of Research and Development

Enforcement - Information about enforcing the underground storage tank program; EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) enforces UST requirements

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