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Lead Scavengers Compendium: Overview Of Properties, Occurrence, And Remedial Technologies

The compendium of information below represents the state of the knowledge (as of May 2006) of lead scavengers and their occurrence at LUST sites. This compendium marks the completion of the first of three investigative phases conducted by EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Section Title/Contents Filename & Size
Front Matter Title page; Table of Contents; Lists of appendices, tables, and figures; Purpose; and Executive Summary. Front Matter.pdf, (12 pp, 46K)
1.0 Introduction Section 1-Introduction.pdf, (2 pp, 22K)
2.0 Historical Uses Section 2-Historical Usage.pdf, (5 pp, 35K)
3.0 Physical and Chemical Properties and Analytical Methods Section 3-Properties and Methods.pdf, (9 pp, 112K)
4.0 Environmental Transport and Fate Section 4-Environmental Fate.pdf, (6 pp, 37K)
5.0 Toxicology Section 5-Toxicology.pdf, (12 pp, 188K)
6.0 Occurrence in Drinking Water Section 6-Occurrence in Drinking Water.pdf, (12 pp, 550K)
7.0 Presence at LUST Sites Section 7-Presence at LUST Sites.pdf, (7 pp, 41K)
8.0 Remediation and Treatment Technologies Section 8-Remediation and Treatment.pdf, (8 pp, 43K)
All of the Above Sections in 1 file Compendium 0506.pdf, (138 pp, 1.4MB)
Appendix A-1 Kansas EDB and EDC Data (1996 to 2004) App_A1pA1.pdf, (1 pg, 11K)
Appendix A-2 South Carolina EDB and EDC Data (1993 to 2004) App_A2pA2-37.pdf, (36 pp, 106K)
Appendix A-3 Santa Barbara County, California EDB and EDC Data (2001 to 2004) App_A3pA38.pdf, (1 pg, 11K)
Appendix A-4 EPA Region 8 Federal Lead Corrective Action Sites EDB and EDC Data (2004) App_A4pA39.pdf, (1 pg, 11K)
Appendix A-5 Figures of South Carolina Data and Santa Barbara County, California App_A5pA40-46.pdf, (7 pp, 89K)
Appendix A-6 Figures of South Carolina Data (Provided by Dr. Falta of Clemson University) App_A6pA47-58.pdf, (12 pp, 89K)
Appendix B Superfund Sites Treating EDC App_BpB1-5.pdf, (5 pp, 21K)
Appendix C Additional References App_CpC1.pdf, (1 pg, 9K)
All of the Above Appendices in 1 file Appendices_All.pdf, (65 pp, 252K)

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