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APPENDIX B: Oral Request Information Outline OSWER Directive 9360.0-16a Guidance for Conducting Federal-Lead Underground Storage Tank Corrective Actions July 25, 1988


  1. State official requesting assistance (should be authorized by Director of State UST agency designated by Governor).
  2. Is the release from a leaking underground storage tank? (see Section 1.4 of this guidance for definition)
  3. Is the released substance petroleum? (see Section 1.4 of this guidance for definition)
  4. Location of release.
  5. Time and date of release.
  6. Name, description, and general condition of facility.
  7. Is the release a long-term or chronic problem?
  8. Types and amounts of petroleum substances involved, and quantities released to environment.
  9. Major public health or environmental emergency conditions. (see Sections 1.4 and 2.2 of this guidance for detail)
  10. Number and proximity of persons potentially affected.
  11. Increased threat to human health or the environment if response is delayed or denied.
  12. Ongoing efforts to respond to release.
  13. State/local/owner-operator ability and willingness to provide response, with specific reasons for inability to respond (e.g., lack of authority, technical expertise, qualified staff, or funding).
  14. Specific enforcement actions undertaken by the State.
  15. Type of action needed to mitigate or stabilize emergency (if known)

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