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APPENDIX C: Federal Register Document Requirements OSWER Directive 9650.15 Procedures and Requirements for Codification of Approved State UST Programs September 1994



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                                  MAY 17  1993

SUBJECT:  Identifying Federal Register Documents for Signature

TO:       Assistant Administrators
          General Counsel
          Inspector General
          Associate Administrators
          Regional Administrators
          Staff Office Directors

     Recently a number of Federal Register documents have been
submitted for signature with a signature page that displays only a
signature block.  Although the Office of Executive Secretariat (OEX)
normally returns such documents for correction, there have been 
several that were so urgent that they bypassed the normal quality 
control channels.  It is obviously not in the Agency's interest to
have unidentified pages containing only the signature.

     I am therefore implementing a new Agencywide policy that will 
solve this potentially serious problem.  Effective immediately, all 
Federal Register documents for signature that will be transmitted 
to the Federal Register Office should contain the following information 
at the top of the signature page, regardless of whether the page has 
text in addition to the signature line:

     IDENTIFICATION OF DOCUMENT:   (Insert document title from the 
                                   Rule/Notice or  CIP/SIP, along with 
                                   the page number)

     EXAMPLE:   Environmental Protection Rule--Page 10 of 130

     Please be sure that the title is specific so that it adequately 
     identifies the document to which it refers.

     Both the Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation (OPPE) and OEX
will check each package to ensure the proper signature page 
identification.  For delegated signatures, the Federal Register Liaison 
in OPPE will assure this information is in place.  Documents 
without appropriate identification will be returned for revision.

     If you have questions regarding this procedure, please contact 
Jane Stewart, Chief of the Regulatory Development Branch, OPPE, at 
(202) 260-6387.

                                   Carol M. Browner

                                  JAN 13  1993


SUBJECT:  Availability of Federal Register Typesetting Discount 
          for Disk Submission

FROM:     Jane Stewart, Chief
TO:       Steering Committee Representatives
          Regional Regulatory Contacts
          Funds Certifying Officers

     Beginning January 1, 1993, the Government Printing Office 
(GPO) is offering a new cost saving opportunity to Federal 
Agencies.  All Agency Federal Register documents submitted with
disks to the office of the Federal Register prepared using either
WordPerfect or ASCII formats will qualify of a 20% discount on 
the page rate for published text.  This will reduce our cost from
$125 per column ($375 per page) to $100 per column ($300 per 
page).  This can amount to a substantial cost savings for a 
lengthy document.

     In order to receive the discount, offices submitting a disk 
must provide the following information:
1.   A disk (preferably a 3.5 high density) with a label
     including the Agency, Filename and Format, such as 
     WordPerfect or ASCII.  If you wish to have the disk 
     returned to your office submit a self addressed EPA 
     envelope and state on the disk label that the it should
     be returned to EPA.

2.   To ensure a discount all documents must contain the 
     appropriate Billing Code at the end of the document to 
     read as follows:

     BILLING CODE 6560-50-P (WordPerfect disk)
     BILLING CODE 6560-50-U (Unformatted, ASCII)

3.   The Federal Register Typesetting Request form should 
     include, in the blank space at the bottom, the 
     following information:

     "This document was submitted with a disk and is 
     eligible for the 20% typesetting discount."

4.   A memo (example attached) should be submitted with the disk 
     verifying that the hard copy matches the disk.  An original 
     and three hard copies are still required by OFR.  The memo
     verifying the disk should be from the person most familiar 
     with the document, such as the program office contact.  In 
     most cases it is not the signing official who can verify the 

     If substantial formatting changes are necessary to 
ensure Federal Register requirements are met the disk will be returned 
to the program office contact for the revisions to be made to the
disk.  If minor changes are necessary these changes will be made 
by the Federal Register Liaison in OPPE's Regulatory Development 
Branch (RDB).

     Additionally, the GPO will provide WordPerfect templates for 
common type of Federal Register documents.  Offices which submit 
a disk using the template will increase their discount rate to 
25% and a $94 column rate ($282 per page).  The RDB is currently 
exploring the use of templates with GPO, and we will advise you 
on their availability and use as soon as we have clear guidance 
and instructions from GPO.  In the meantime, you may take 
advantage of the 20% discount offered by simply submitting 
documents on WordPerfect or ASCII.

     If you have questions or want further information, please 
contact Vickie Reed in RDB at 202-260-7204.


cc:  Regional OAR Division Directors
     Regional OSWER Division Directors
     Regional OW Division Directors

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