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Federal Facilities Underground Storage Tank Compliance Reports

Listed below are links to reports from 24 federal agencies regarding the compliance status of underground storage tanks owned or operated by the federal agencies or located on land managed by the federal agencies. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 required this one-time reporting by federal agencies to Congress and EPA's Administrator by August 8, 2006. Please note that the information reported is a snapshot in time; information was current as of the date federal agencies submitted their reports. A facility's compliance status may have changed since the report was submitted to EPA. For the most up-to-date information regarding compliance status of tanks owned and operated by federal agencies, contact the federal agencies directly.

For more information regarding the federal facilities reporting requirements, contact Steven McNeely at mcneely.steven@epa.gov or 703.603.7164. For questions regarding the content of individual reports, contact each federal agency directly.

Architect of the Capitol (PDF)
(3 pp, 853K, About PDF)
Department of State (PDF)
(12 pp, 3.3MB, About PDF)
Central Intelligence Agency (PDF)
(6 pp, 404K, About PDF)
Department of Transportation (PDF)
(10 pp, 136K, About PDF)
Department of Agriculture (PDF)
(64 pp, 5.8MB, About PDF)
Department of Treasury (PDF)
(10 pp, 135K, About PDF)
Department of Defense (PDF)
(271 pp, 1.3MB, About PDF)
Department of Veterans Affairs (PDF)
(359 pp, 971K, About PDF)
Department of Energy (PDF)
(76 pp, 3.4MB, About PDF)
Environmental Protection Agency (PDF)
(11 pp, 124K, About PDF)
Department of Health and Human Services (PDF)
(23 pp, 1.6MB, About PDF)
General Services Administration (PDF)
(36 pp, 181K, About PDF)
Department of Homeland Security (PDF)
(14 pp, 187K, About PDF)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (PDF)
(21 pp, 1.4MB, About PDF)
Department of Housing and Urban Development (PDF)
(1 pg, 184K, About PDF)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (PDF)
(13 pp, 639K, About PDF)
Department of Interior (PDF)
(106 pp, 391K, About PDF)
Smithsonian Institution (PDF)
(16 pp, 893K, About PDF)
Department of Justice (PDF)
(106 pp, 3MB, About PDF)
Social Security Administration (PDF)
(14 pp, 668K, About PDF)
Department of Labor (PDF)
(13 pp, 6.2MB, About PDF)
Tennessee Valley Authority (PDF)
(16 pp, 1MB, About PDF)
Department of Commerce (PDF)
(12 pp, 3MB, About PDF)
United States Postal Service (PDF)
(62 pp, 971K, About PDF)

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