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States’ Compliance Reports On Government Underground Storage Tanks

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Listed below are links to states' and territories' reports regarding noncompliant underground storage tanks in their jurisdiction that are owned or operated by federal, state, or local governments. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 required this one-time reporting by states and territories receiving Subtitle I funds; states and territories were required to submit these reports to EPA's Administrator by August 8, 2007. Please note that the information reported is a snapshot in time; information was current as of the date states and territories submitted the reports. A facility's compliance status may have changed since the report was submitted to EPA. For the most up-to-date compliance status of a facility, please check with your state's underground storage tank program.

To help states meet this requirement, EPA in April 2007 issued grant guidelines for state compliance reports. The Energy Policy Act also requires that EPA make the reports available to the public.

For more information regarding this requirement, contact Steven McNeely at mcneely.steven@epa.gov or 703.603.7164. For questions regarding the content of individual reports, contact each state or territory directly.

Alabama (PDF) (1 pg, 22K)

Alaska (PDF) (2 pp, 262K)

American Samoa (PDF) (1 pg, 40K)

Arizona (PDF) (3 pp, 186K)

Arkansas (PDF) (1 pg, 87K)

California (PDF) (18 pp, 76K)

Colorado (PDF) (2 pp, 173K)

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (PDF) (1 pg, 52K)

Connecticut (PDF) (3 pp, 47K)

Delaware (PDF) (2 pp, 176K)

District of Columbia (PDF) (2 pp, 41K)

Florida (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)

Georgia (PDF) (7 pp, 21K)

Guam (PDF) (1 pg, 63K)

Hawaii (PDF) (3 pp, 41K)

Idaho (PDF) (4 pp, 20K)

Illinois (PDF) (33 pp, 991K)

Indiana (PDF) (1 pg, 41K)

Iowa (PDF) (1 pg, 51K)

Kansas (PDF) (3 pp, 267K)

Kentucky (PDF) (10 pp, 40K)

Louisiana (PDF) (27 pp, 1.0MB)

Maine (PDF) (6 pp, 299K)

Maryland (PDF) (4 pp, 243K)

Massachusetts (PDF) (1 pg, 11K)

Michigan (PDF) (2 pp, 20K)

Minnesota (PDF) (2 pp, 22K)

Mississippi (PDF) (1 pg, 14K)

Missouri (PDF) (2 pp, 379K)

Montana (PDF) (5 pp, 155K)

Nebraska (PDF) (3 pp, 138K)

Nevada (PDF) (2 pp, 60K)

New Hampshire (PDF) (4 pp, 183K)

New Jersey (PDF) (33 pp, 2.1MB)

New Mexico (PDF) (2 pp, 74K)

New York (PDF) (36 pp, 3.5MB)

North Carolina (PDF) (1 pg, 122K)

North Dakota (PDF) (3 pp, 221K)

Ohio (PDF) (1 pg, 53K)

Oklahoma (PDF) (4 pp, 315K)

Oregon (PDF) (3 pp, 18K)

Pennsylvania (PDF) (7 pp, 399K)

Puerto Rico (PDF) (6 pp, 503K)

Rhode Island (PDF) (2 pp, 78K)

South Carolina (PDF) (5 pp, 213K)

South Dakota (PDF) (1 pg, 25K)

Tennessee (PDF) (1 pg, 22K)

Texas (PDF) (1 pg, 100K)

Utah (PDF) (6 pp, 231K)

Vermont (PDF) (11 pp, 564K)

Virginia (PDF) (3 pp, 215K)

Virgin Islands (PDF) (1 pg, 32K)

Washington (PDF) (9 pp, 307K)

West Virginia (PDF) (8 pp, 61K)

Wisconsin (PDF) (2 pp, 50K)

Wyoming (PDF) (12 pp, 848K)

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