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Blue Ribbon Panel On Oxygenates In Gasoline Recommendations For UST Program Improvement

EPA appointed a Blue Ribbon Panel in November 1998 to investigate the air quality benefits and water quality concerns associated with oxygenates in gasoline. The panel produced a report of their findings in September 1999. This report, Achieving Clean Air and Clean Water (PDF) (119 pp, 478K, About PDF), provided a number of recommmendations. The recommendations concern the underground storage tank (UST) programs at the federal, state, and local levels. Note that some of these recommendations may also be relevant to other agencies. There are additional recommendations which are not within the purview of the UST program and thus are not listed below.

Recommendations to Enhance Water Protection


Treatment and Remediation

Recommendations for Blending Fuel for Clean Air and Water

Reducing the Use of MTBE


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