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Success Stories And Best Practices

Best Practices
Success Stories By State
Success Stories Of Petroleum Brownfields For Tribes


Petroleum brownfield projects not only improve public health and the environment, they often create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods.  Local, state, and federal governments have over 25 years of experience in assessing and cleaning up petroleum-contaminated sites.  They also have almost a decade of experience reusing cleaned up petroleum sites. The success stories and best practices listed below result from these experiences.

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Best Practices

The links below identify common challenges associated with petroleum brownfields and provide examples of the best practices used to surmount known challenges.

Toolbox for Cleanups and Redevelopment of Contaminated Sites in Small Cities and Rural Communities (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (29 pp, 3.9MB, About PDF)
Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO). 2007.

Sustainability And Petroleum Brownfields

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These model guidance documents provide examples of tools used by petroleum brownfield revitalization practitioners that are potentially applicable to new petroleum brownfield projects.

Anatomy of Brownfields Redevelopment (PDF) (7 pp, 2.6MB, About PDF)
EPA guidance document intended for real estate transactions but useful to other practitioners as well.

Toolbox for Cleanups and Revelopment of Contaminated Sites in Small Cities and Rural Communities (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (29 pp, 3.9MB, About PDF)
Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO). 2007.

Ready For Reuse: A New Measure Of Remedial Progress (Presentation) (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (25 pp, 522K, About PDF)
EPA Region 6. 2004.

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Success Stories By State

Across the U.S., petroleum brownfield sites have been cleaned up and reused successfully. Case studies describe successful petroleum brownfield projects and contain a great deal of information that can be applied to future projects.

Success Stories For Tribes


Selma, AL
Using Brownfield Redevelopment to Sustain Small-Town Heritage (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (2 pp, 52K, About PDF)

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation - Reuse & Redevelopment Initiative Exit EPA Disclaimer
(scroll down page)


East Hartford, CT
Brownfields Success in New England: Goodwin College Riverfront Campus (PDF) (1 pg, 510K, About PDF)

Glastonbury, CT
Glastonbury Riverfront Community Center

Ledyard, CT
Former Erickson Property becomes a City Park

Manchester, CT
ActionAir Systems: Success in EPA Conducted Targeted Brownfields Assessments

New Britain, CT
Urban Oaks Organic Farm

New Haven, CT
"r" Kids Family Center

New London, CT
Success in EPA-Conducted Targeted Brownfields Assessments

New Milford, CT
Success in Brownfields Assessment and Revolving Loan Fund Programs

Norwich, CT
Brownfields Success in New England: Occum Park (PDF) (1 pg, 364K, About PDF)

Shelton, CT
Brownfields Success in New England: Farmer's Market Site (PDF) (1 pg, 720K, About PDF)

Stamford, CT
Harley Davidson / Buell Dealership of Stamford

Delaware Brownfields Success Stories Exit EPA Disclaimer

Wilmington, DE
Delaware Promotes Redevelopment at LUST Sites

Abandoned Gas Station Now Aesthetic Greenspace in Historic Wilmington

District of Columbia

Camp Simms Military Reservation
From Rifles to Residential

Department of Transportation
Paving the Way for a New Department of Transportation Headquarters

The Jefferson
D.C.'s Voluntary Cleanup Program Transforms Defunct Land into Fine Living/Retail Space

A Tour of Florida's Brownfields Redevelopment Program (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (52 pp, 3.4MB, About PDF)

Clearwater, FL
Improving Public Health in Brownfields Communities (PDF) (4pp, 188K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-07-253.   January 2008.

Land Revitalization in Hawaii

Four Different Cities, Four Different Grants (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (4 pp, 375K, About PDF)

Indiana Finance Authority: Brownfields Redevelopment Success Stories Exit EPA Disclaimer

Brownfields Redevelopment Success in Kansas (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (75 pp, 3.0MB, About PDF)


Lake Charles, LA
Charpentier Historic District (PDF) (1 pg, 125K, About PDF)

Shreveport, LA
Shreveport Convention Center (PDF) (2 pp, 165K, About PDF)

A Brownfields Intervention Results in the New Shreveport Convention Center (PDF) (1 pg, 92K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-07-213.   June 2007.


Lewiston, ME
Bates Mill
Former Civil War Textile Mill is Given New Economic Life with the Help of $775,000 in Funding from the EPA

Former Mill Complex Redeveloped for Light Industrial Use, with a 300,000 square-foot Convention Center Planned (PDF) (1 pg, 141K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-08-294.   September 2008.

Old Town, ME
Lily-Tulip Factory

Perry, ME
Pleasant Point Reservation
Brownfields Success in New England: Sipayik Corner Store (PDF) (1 pg, 610K, About PDF)


Baltimore, MD
Walgreens Turns Community Liabilities into Community Assets in Maryland

Sustainable Redevelopment of Brownfields - Fostering Economic Development and Protecting the Environment (PDF) (2 pp, 298K, About PDF)
EPA 500-F-03-031.   May 2003.
Features Baltimore, MD, Cape Charles, VA, and Knoxville, TN pilots

Using "Green" Buildings on Brownfields: Using Innovative Architecture to Improve Performance (PDF) (4 pp, 691K, About PDF)
EPA 500-F-03-249.   October 2003.
Features Baltimore, MD, Cape Charles, VA, and Washington, DC pilots

Massachusetts Deparment of Environmental Protection: Building on History Exit EPA Disclaimer

Boston, MA
Redevelopment of Parcel 8 - 505 Tremont St.

Chicopee, MA
The WWLP-22 Television Station

Fitchburg, MA
Rubber Factory Contaminated Site Becomes an Urban Oasis

New Bedford, MA
Success in EPA-Conducted Targeted Brownfields Assessments

Sid Wainer & Son Co. Greenhouse

Northampton, MA
Old Northampton Fire Station

Westfield, MA
Former H.B. Smith Property

Worcester, MA
Gardner-Kilby-Hammond (GKH) Revitalization Project

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality: Brownfields Exit EPA Disclaimer

Brownfields Newsletters and Presentations Exit EPA Disclaimer

The Outreach: Focus on Petroleum Brownfields (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (8 pp, 537K, About PDF)
Vol 4, Issue 1. May 2008.

Nevada Brownfields Program Exit EPA Disclaimer

Reno, NV
Reno's New Events Center is a Major Venue for Downtown Entertainment (PDF) (1 pg, 87K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-06-226.   August 2006.

New Hampshire

Belmont, NH
Brownfields New Hampshire Success Stories: Former Belmont Gulf Gas Station, Belmont (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (2 pp, 156K, About PDF)

Carroll, NH
Brownfields New Hampshire Success Stories: Former Twin Mountain Sunoco Gas Station, Carroll (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (2 pp, 143K, About PDF)

Greenfield, NH
East Coast Steel

Henniker, NH
Former Contoocook Valley Paper Company

Nashua, NH
Former Whitney Screw Property

New Ipswich, NH
Seppala and Aho: Success in Assessment Demonstration Pilot Program

New Mexico
Brownfields Success Stories Exit EPA Disclaimer

Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Railyard (PDF) (1 pg, 112K, About PDF)

New York
Environmental Cleanup Success Stories Exit EPA Disclaimer

Buffalo, NY
New Life Breathed into Former Industrial Property (PDF) (1 pg, 102K, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-08-317.   November 2008.


Allentown, PA
Vacant Hulk Ready for Ruin to Fulfill Lehigh Riverfront Vision

Chester, PA
Waterfront Redevelopment Project in Chester, Pa. Scores Top Honor

Rhode Island
Reinvesting in Rhode Island's Brownfields: Brownfields Case Study Exit EPA Disclaimer

Providence, RI
Save the Bay Center

South Carolina

Greenville, SC
In Greenville, SC, Coordinating Resources from two EPA Programs Maximizes Their Effectiveness and Results (PDF)
(3 pp, 171K, About PDF)

EPA-560-F-239.   March 2008.


Dallas, TX
Victory Park (PDF) (2 pp, 179K, About PDF)

Greenville, TX
Greenville Grocery Store (PDF) (1 pg, 168K, About PDF)

Houston, TX
Federal Reserve Bank Building (PDF) (1 pg, 99K, About PDF)

Utah Department of Environmental Quality: Petroleum Brownfields Programs Exit EPA Disclaimer (scroll down)

Salt Lake City, UT
Engaging Communities in Healthy Living Through Revitalization: Jefferson School Apartments Phase II (PDF) (1 pg, 90K, About PDF)


Bellow Falls, VT
Boccelli's Cafe & Auction House (PDF) (1 pg, 798K, About PDF)

Waypoint Visitor's Center

Burlington, VT
Development of the Vermont Bus Barns Property

Affordable Waterfront Apartments

Hartford, VT
Rail Road Row Redevelopment

Swanton, VT
Habitat for Humanity Sees a Former Gas Station as a Perfect Fit for Residential Reuse (PDF)
(1 pg, 103K, About PDF)

EPA-560-F-08-304.   October 2008.


Abingdon, VA
Closure of Oil Storage Plant in Abingdon, Virginia Leads to Opening of Walgreens

Arlington, VA
Prime D.C. Suburban Property Back on the Map

Bluefield, VA
Flood Control in Bluefield, Va. Leads to Cleanup and Greenway Development

Bristol, VA
Building a Library on Bristol's Blue Grass Roots

Roanoke, VA
Roanoke's Industrial Core Gets Economic Transplant As Biotechnology Hub

State of Washington Department of Ecology: Brownfields Revitalization Exit EPA Disclaimer

West Virginia

Charleston, WV
Charleston, WV Narrows the Field of Petro Sites for Reuse

Baseball Triumphs over Environmental Changes at New Charleston Baseball Stadium

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Perry, ME
Pleasant Point Reservation
Brownfields Success in New England: Sipayik Corner Store (PDF) (1 pg, 610K, About PDF)


To learn more about petroleum brownfields, see:
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Financial Resources
Public/Private Partnerships
Sustainability And Petroleum Brownfields

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