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Underground Motor Fuel Storage Tanks: A National Survey

Underground Motor Fuel Storage Tanks: A National Survey (EPA 560-5-86-013). May 1986.

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A statistical study producing a national assessment of underground storage tanks systems with information on (1) the number of tanks, (2) the number of establishments with tanks, (3) the number of tank systems that failed a tightness test, and (4) factors associated with leaking. It is limited to motor fuels. (Conducted by EPA's Office of Toxic Substances.)

Section File
Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Lists of Figures & Tables, Executive Summary Section00.pdf
(22 pp, 204K)
Section 1 - Introduction Section01.pdf
(9 pp, 155K)
Section 2 - Conclusions Section02.pdf
(16 pp, 120K)
Section 3 - Quality Assurance Approach Section03.pdf
(11 pp, 77K)
Section 4 - Sample Design, Estimation of Sample Weights and Variances Section04.pdf
(19 pp, 300K)
Section 5 - Field Procedures - Qustionnaire and Inventory Section05.pdf
(8 pp, 297K)
Section 6 - Tank Testing Field Procedures Section06.pdf
(16 pp, 297K)
Section 7 - Tank Testing Data Reduction and Quality Assurance (Retest) Results Section07.pdf
(12 pp, 78K)
Section 8 - Statistical Analysis of Leak Data and Leak Status Determination Section08.pdf
(18 pp, 881K)
Section 9 - Statistical Analysis Section09.pdf
(74 pp, 641K)
Section 10 - Inventory Reconciliation Techniques Section10.pdf
(17 pp, 163K)
Complete Document (Technical Report, Vol 1) USTSurvey_Vol1.pdf
(222 pp, 1.7MB)
Appendix File
Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents Appendix-.pdf
(5 pp, 79K)
Appendix A - Sample Design and Estimation of Weights and Variances AppendixA.pdf
(42 pp, 642K)
Appendix B - Survey Procedures and Eligibility and Response Rates AppendixB.pdf
(40 pp, 2.6MB)
Appendix C - Development of a Tank Test Method AppendixC.pdf
(35 pp, 405K)
Appendix D - Tank Testing Data Reduction and Statistical Analysis Leading to Leak Status Determination AppendixD.pdf
(42 pp, 522K)
Appendix E - Inventory Reconciliation Methods AppendixE.pdf
(16 pp, 261K)
Appendix F - Data Collection Forms and Materials AppendixF.pdf
(99 pp, 2.4MB)
Appendix G - National Underground Storage Tank Survey National Sample of Farms AppendixG.pdf
(23 pp, 215K)
Appendix H - Environmental Data Coverage AppendixH.pdf
(29 pp, 663K)
Appendix I - Multivariate Analysis AppendixI.pdf
(17 pp, 202K)
Complete Document (Appendices - Vol 2) USTSurvey_Vol2.pdf
(348 pp, 5.9MB)

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