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UST Docket

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Docket provides public access to regulatory information supporting the Agency's regulatory actions (1985-1998) on underground storage tanks. There are ten categories: (1) UST Notification; (2) Technical Standards for UST; (3) Financial Responsibility for USTs containing Petroleum Products; (4) State Program Approval; (5) Report to Congress on Exempt Tanks; (6) Administrative Assessment of Civil Penalties and Revocation and Suspension of Permits; (7) Financial Responsibility for USTs Containing Hazardous Materials; (8) Issuance of an Administrative Hearing on RCRA Section 9003(h); (9) Information Collection Activities Up for Renewal; and (10) Section 610 Review.

The UST Docket Index (PDF) (320 pp, 729K, About PDF) lists documents by category with Federal Register number and date, the record number and the date received, and a brief title of the record. This PDF file is fully searchable.

EPA maintains several dockets (including the UST Docket) in its headquarter's office. Please visit the EPA Web site www.epa.gov/epahome/dockets.htm for information regarding public access to docket materials, location, and hours of operation.

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