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UST Training Resources

Inspecting a gas station in the Choctaw Nation

This page is for tribal UST facility owners and operators, environmental staff, and inspectors involved with managing underground storage tanks (USTs) in Indian country.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks/Underground Storage Tanks (LUST/UST) Virtual Classroom – Provides internet-accessible training of introductory-level courses to stakeholders interested in learning about USTs.

UST Corrective Action Training

Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona American Indian Underground Storage Tank Inspector Training Exit EPA Disclaimer – The Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. developed an UST training program to provide tribal governments and tank owners/operators with targeted compliance assistance, which will help them comply with UST program regulations and requirements.

Gas Station Compliance Assistance Materials – Links to EPA Region 9 compliance assistance materials that discuss UST responsibilities and other requirements for gas station owners and operators.

EPA National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI) – Links to NETI's online course catalog that includes course registration and delivery information.

Compliance And Enforcement Tribal Resources – Links to EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance resources compendium for the national tribal compliance assurance priority, which provides information to improve UST compliance in Indian country.

American Indian Environmental Office Turtle Logo

American Indian Environmental Office Training Education – Provides information and links to education and training resources for tribes, including links to other federal agencies and organizations.



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