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Pesticide Product Information System (PPIS)

(file download area for FIFRA section 3 & 24(c) pesticide product information)

The Pesticide Product Information System (PPIS) contains information concerning all pesticide products registered in the United States. The files located in this download area are presented in ascii to enable interested parties to access them using a variety of database and spreadsheet software.

27 veterinary and non-critical hospital use site codes have been modified in OPPIN. The associated site code descriptions were not altered. This change was needed in order to isolate Site Group 74 (Hospitals and related institutions) to critical hospital use disinfectant sites. Site Group 79 (Institutional, non-hospital disinfectants) was created to accommodate the altered site codes.

Note: All zipped and unzipped file sizes provided below are approximations.
Download FIFRA Section 3 Product Information Files Download Vocabulary Files Download FIFRA Section 24(c) Special Local Need Product Information Files Special Request Download of Data from Previous System dated May 23, 2003

Download a Complete List of Every Company and Organizaton

This file contains a complete list of every company and organization that has applied for and received an EPA Company Number for pesticides registration purposes. The fact that a company has an EPA Company number does not imply that it has products actively registered with EPA. Companies must register products with EPA prior to registering them with State pesticide agencies.

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