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The Field Component of the National Pesticide Program

Current as of April 2, 2007

Pesticide Field Programs

The field program is made up of the frontline implementation activities carried out by states, tribes, EPA Regional pesticide experts and associated partners. Among other activities the pesticide field program:

A strong national pesticide field program is essential to ensure effective implementation of risk mitigation and management decisions made during the registration, reregistration and registration review of pesticides. The pesticide field program's primary responsibility and contribution to attaining national goals is to ensure that envisioned safeguards developed through statutory mandates, licensing actions, and national policies are translated into real world protection through efficient risk mitigation. 

EPA has developed three documents that are designed to communicate the role of the national pesticide field program more clearly.  The goal is to provide a cohesive, well understood message concerning the vital importance of a strong field program and the roles that EPA Regional Offices, states, and tribes play in the regulation of pesticides in the United States, including risk reduction implementation.  These documents are intended to be tools for use in delivering this message. 

The three documents are designed to meet various needs by providing increasing levels of detail. 


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