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Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division Contacts

Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD) is responsible for all regulatory activities associated with biologically-based pesticides. BPPD activities also include work to reduce pesticide risks by promoting integrated pest management and coordinating the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.

Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility
Division Director's Office
Fax: 703-308-7026
Robert McNally mcnally.robert@epa.gov 703-308-8085 Director
John Leahy leahy.john@epa.gov 703-305-6703 Deputy Division Director
Nicole Berckes Communications and Registration Liaison (On Detail)
Raderrio Wilkins BPPDquestions@epa.gov 703-308-1259 Acting Ombudsperson
Robert Forrest forrest.robert@epa.gov 703-308-9376

Special Assistant
Pam Landis landis.pamela@epa.gov 703-308-7013 Budget/Contracts Program Analyst
Sandra Owusu-Ansah owusu-ansah.sandra@epa.gov 703-347-0350 NOWCC Technical/Administrative Assistant
Renae Whitaker whitaker.renae@epa.gov 703-347-0136 HR Liaison and Training Coordinator
Chris Wozniak wozniak.chris@epa.gov 703-308-4043 Special Assistant
Sheryl Reilly reilly.sheryl@epa.gov 703-308-8269 Senior Advisor for Regulatory Policy and Science
Biochemical Pesticides Branch
Fax: 703-308-7026
Biochemical Pesticides Including Pheromones
Linda Hollis hollis.linda@epa.gov 703-308-8733 Branch Chief
Andy Bryceland bryceland.andrew@epa.gov; 703-305-6928 Team Leader
Gina Burnett burnett.gina@epa.gov 703-605-0513 Regulatory Action Leader, Science Review
Russell Jones jones.russell@epa.gov 703-308-5071 Senior Scientist
Menyon Adams adams.menyon@epa.gov 703-347-8496 Regulatory Action Leader
Angela Gonzales gonzales.angela@epa.gov 703-308-0460 Science Review
Chris Pfeifer pfeifer.chris@epa.gov 703-308-0031 Regulatory Action Leader
Sadaf Shaukat shaukat.sadaf@epa.gov 703-347-8670 Science Review
Colin Walsh walsh.colin@epa.gov 703-308-0298 Regulatory Action Leader, Science Review
Manying Xue xue.manying@epa.gov 703-305-6198 Science Review
Leonard Cole cole.leonard@epa.gov 703-305-5412 Senior Regulatory Specialist
Clara Fuentes fuentes.clara@epa.gov 703-308-0171 Science Review
Cheryl Greene greene.cheryl@epa.gov 703-308-0352 Regulatory Action Leader
Michael Rexrode rexrode.mike@epa.gov 703-305-5578 Senior Scientist
Sylvester George george.sylvester@epa.gov 703-603-0688 NOWCC Registration Specialist
Microbial Pesticides Branch
Fax: 703-308-7026
Microbial Pesticides and Plant-Incorporated Protectants
Kimberly Nesci nesci.kimberly@epa.gov 703-308-8059 Branch Chief
Mike Mendelsohn mendelsohn.mike@epa.gov 703-308-8715 Acting Associate Chief
Alan Reynolds reynolds.alan@epa.gov 703-605-0515 Biotechnology Team Leader
Shannon Borges borges.shannon@epa.gov 703-305-7175 Team Leader, Science Review
Ibrahim Barsoum barsoum.ibrahim@epa.gov 703-308-6417 Science Review
Susanne Cerrelli cerrelli.susanne@epa.gov 703-308-8077 Regulatory Action Leader
Michael Glikes glikes.michael@epa.gov 703-305-6231 Regulatory Action Leader
Ann Sibold sibold.ann@epa.gov 703-305-6502 Regulatory Action Leader
Gail Tomimatsu tomimatsu.gail@epa.gov 703-308-8543 Science Review
Annabel Waggoner waggoner.annabel@epa.gov 703-308-0340 Science Review
Shanaz Bacchus bacchus.shanaz@epa.gov 703-308-8097 Regulatory Action Leader
Joel Gagliardi gagliardi.joel@epa.gov 703-308-0116 Science Review
Denise Greenway greenway.denise@epa.gov 703-308-8263 Regulatory Action Leader
Jeannine Kausch kausch.jeannine@epa.gov 703-347-8920 Regulatory Action Leader
John Kough kough.john@epa.gov 703-308-8267 Senior Scientist
Kathleen Martin martin.kathleen@epa.gov 703-308-2857 Regulatory Action Leader
Jeannette Martinez martinez.jeannette@epa.gov 703-305-1016 Science Review
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Fax: 703-308-7026
Dedicated to reducing pesticide risk through collaborative and other nonregulatory efforts including the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, Strategic Agricultural Initiative, and Biopesticide Demonstration Grant Program.
Frank Ellis ellis.frank@epa.gov 703-308-8107 Branch Chief
Cara Finn finn.cara@epa.gov 703-305-5659 Grants and Contracts
Sherry Glick glick.sherry@epa.gov 702-784-8276 IPM in Schools
Lee Tanner tanner.lee@epa.gov 703-305-5836 Community IPM and Environmental Justice
Raderrio Wilkins wilkins.raderrio@epa.gov 703-308-1259 IPM in Agriculture, Biopesticide Demonstrations, DfE Pilot, IPM for Ticks; Landscape IPM
Center of Expertise for School IPM
Thomas Cook cook.tom@epa.gov 214-665-9731 Lead, Center of Expertise for School IPM
Sherry Glick glick.sherry@epa.gov 214-665-6713 Center of Expertise for School IPM
Brad Miller miller.brad@epa.gov 214-665-6725 Center of Expertise for School IPM
Marcia Anderson anderson.marcia@epa.gov 214-665-6679

Center of Expertise for School IPM

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