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Cumulative Assessment Work Charts

Agenda for CARAT Meeting (June 28, 2001)

The following charts show the time frames in which major work activities are expected to be occur. The first chart gives the time frames for issuance of revisions for three science policy papers: aggregate exposure and risk assessment, FQPA Safety Factor, and cumulative risk assessment, as well, as proposes an additional paper on the relationship of the FQPA Safety Factor to cumulative risk assessment. The second chart provides the time frames for major science work activities as well as parts of a public process for some elements of the assessment.

Science Policy Papers

Release Revised Guidance for Performing Aggregate Exposure and Risk Assessments (Generic) August/September
Release Revised Guidance Document on the FQPA Safety Factor (Generic) September
Release Proposed Guidance on the Relationship of the FQPA Safety Factor to Cumulative Risk Assessment. (This paper will discuss whether FQPA requires consideration of the FQPA Safety factor in a cumulative assessment, and if so, how it might be considered).


Allow a 60 day public comment period, after which EPA would revise and reissue the guidance.


Work Stages

Release Paper on Hazard Methodology [Revised relative potency factor (RPF) paper] July 31, 2001*
Food Exposure Methodology September
Hazard Methodology [Revised RPF paper] to SAP September*
Water and Residential Exposure Methodology and Approaches to Integration of Multiple Pathways of Exposure Early October
Release Preliminary Risk Assessment December 1, 2001*
Technical Briefing on Preliminary Risk Assessment December
60 Day Public Comment on Preliminary Risk Assessment Closes January 31, 2002*
*These dates are consistent with the current version of the proposed consent decree in the NRDC litigation. The consent decree also contains dates that the Agency would review a protocol for conducting new tox studies within 45 days of receipt; release relevant tox studies to a docket within 45 days of the entry of the consent decree; and would specify a date by which new tox studies must be submitted to be included in the revised risk assessment.


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