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Tips for Reducing Pesticide Impacts on Wildlife

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When used properly, pesticides can play a valuable role in controlling weeds, insects, and other pests. On the other hand, they can harm wildlife if the user does not follow label directions. Wildlife includes non-target birds, mammals, fish, aquatic invertebrates, insect pollinators, and plants.

This Web page provides tips for pesticide users in residential and agricultural settings, as well as tips for certified pesticide applicators for ways to protect wildlife from potentially harmful effects of pesticides. In addition, there are links to some additional sources of information on wildlife and habitat protection.

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Tips for Household Pesticide Users

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Tips for Farmers

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Tips for Certified Pesticide Applicators

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Some resources for reducing pesticide effects on wildlife

Note: The listed resources external to EPA do not necessarily represent EPA’s opinion. For the most current pesticide-related information, please consult EPA resources.

Pesticide Use Around Homes

Information for Farmers and Certified Applicators

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