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Registered Antimicrobial Products with Label Claims for Avian (Bird) Flu Disinfectants

Current as of May 2015

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These EPA disinfectant products are registered and labeled with a claim to inactivate Avian influenza A viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces. The label specifies the use sites (e.g., poultry houses and farm premises) for application of the product. Although there are no antimicrobial products registered specifically against the H5N2 subtype of Avian Influenza A virus, EPA believes based on available scientific information that registered Avian Influenza A products will be effective against the H5N2 strain and other strains.

Note: The list of products is not a comprehensive list. There may be additional registered Avian Influenza A disinfectants. EPA will update this list as needed. Companies that wish to add their product(s) to the list should email their information to disinfectantslist@epa.gov.

Registered Antimicrobial Products with Label Claims for Avian Influenza (PDF) (29 pp, 571k)

Users should carefully follow the disinfection directions on the label to handle and safely use the pesticide product and avoid harm to human health and the environment. General information about disinfecting against avian flu .

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