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Registration Service Fees
Preliminary Interpretations of Fee Categories for Applications Received by EPA from March 23, 2007 to September 30, 2007


Fee Categories:

Current as of October 2007

These are the Agency's current (March 22, 2004) interpretations for the 90 fee categories identified in the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA). These interpretations describe the Agency's current thinking at this time. To the extent feasible, the Agency has provided examples of actions that fall within each of the 90 categories. If an applicant has a question regarding the category in which a potential submission may fall, the applicant may contact one of the Registration Fee Ombudspersons listed below:

Registration Ombudsman  
Antimicrobial Division: ShaRon Carlisle (703-308-6427)
Biopesticides and Pollution
Prevention Division:
Rob Forrest (703) 308-9376

Registration Division (Conventional Pesticides): Sherada Hobgood (703-308-8893)
Rachel Holloman (703-305-7193)

To facilitate the front end screening process for new applications submitted under the PRIA, the Agency requests that applicants provide the following information on the application form (EPA Form Number 8570-1) in Section II "Explanation":

The Agency intends to periodically revise this guidance based upon the experience gained with reviewing applications under the PRIA. In addition, the Agency invites stakeholders to provide feedback on this document and the current interpretations it contains. Input from the public will be crucial as the Agency continues implementation of the new registration service fee program. Feedback may be provided by sending an e-mail to service.fees@epa.gov.

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