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Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act (PRIA 2)
Fee Determination Decision Tree

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Decision Tree Resources:
Below is the fee for your selected Fee Category for
Fiscal Year 2011 & 2012

Action Code
FY11/FY12 Decision Time
New product; non-food use or food use having established tolerance or tolerance exemption; unregistered source of active ingredient; no data compensation issues; all Tier I data requirements for product chemistry, toxicology, non-target organisms, and product performance must be addressed with product-specific data or with request for data waivers supported by scientific rationales.

Do you plan to request either of the following types of waivers?

50% waiver 50% waiver
75% waiver 75% waiver

To pay the fee shown above, go to http://www.pay.gov and follow the instructions.

How to submit your application directly to EPA.

Action Code Interpretation:

An application for registration of a microbial or biochemical pesticide product that is not substantially similar or identical in its uses and/or formulation to products that are currently registered.  These applications require product specific chemistry data, acute toxicity data and other Tier I mammalian and non-target toxicity data as determined by the general use patterns for the product.  When public health pests are claimed, efficacy (product performance) data for the product must be submitted.  This category does not include products containing an active ingredient(s) that requires a change in, or establishment of, a tolerance or tolerance exemption or require the Agency to conduct a dietary risk assessment.

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