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Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act (PRIA 2)
Fee Determination Decision Tree

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Decision Tree Resources:
Below is the fee for your selected Fee Category for
Fiscal Year 2011 & 2012

Action Code
FY11/FY12 Decision Time
First Food Use; Indoor; Food/Food Handling

Do you plan to request either of the following types of waivers?

50% waiver 50% waiver
75% waiver 75% waiver

To pay the fee shown above, go to http://www.pay.gov and follow the instructions.

How to submit your application directly to EPA.

Action Code Interpretation: An application that proposes the first indoor food use.  First food use includes a proposed use of any U. S. registered active ingredient for which there is no registered “food use”.  The use may require the establishment of, or the exemption from the requirement of a tolerance under section 408 of the FFDCA.  The application submission must contain a petition to establish tolerances or exemption(s) from tolerance for all food/feed commodities covered by the pending registration application(s). Indoor means that the proposed use is for use inside of manmade structures.  All indoor food uses included in any original application or petition for the first food use are covered by the base fee for the application in this category if submitted simultaneously.  Some examples of food uses include use in a food handling and/or processing establishment, use on food crops in a greenhouse, and aquatic uses involving potable water, irrigation, or requiring tolerances for fish, or shellfish, home garden, livestock, livestock housing, and livestock dips.

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